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How to eat right at a buffet restaurant

After we returned from our morning beach jogging, we decided to have our brunch at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Champagne Brunch at Knott’s Berry Farm to use the free coupon that we got.

At first we thought we could get 2 free champagne brunch with this coupon but that wasn’t the case. The coupon could only be used by one person at one time. So the other one will be redeemable at the next visit. D’oh! So we ended up have to pay about $23.00 (includes tax for both of us, the coupon doesn’t cover tax and tips). I should’ve paid more attention to the fine print on the back.

We got there around 10 am so it wasn’t as crowded yet. The food choice was ok, not the best. They had their famous deep fried chicken, which I only tried one chicken wing and also their biscuits. The rest of the foods are a little bit of Mexican (spanish fried rice, tortilla chips and salsa, tortilla, cheese enchiladas to name a few), Asian food (orange chicken, beef broccoli stir fry, chow mein), Italian and one more that I couldn’t remember. Also salad bar, and a table full of desserts. They also had a person to make you an omelet, but too bad they only had egg beaters and no egg whites. Oh well. Also turkey and ham.

We got a glass of orange juice and a glass of champagne. The champagne was not too strong, but I am not a drinker so I just took a little sips here and there. Almost looked like I didn’t touch it at all.

I prefer to have this hot tea. The AC was a bit too cold and I didn’t wear enough sweater 😦 What could I say, it was so sunny and warm outside!

Here’s my first plate:

mini bagel (ate 1/2 and gave the other to my hubby), some strawberries, a bit of garden salad, some mixed potatoes with bell peppers and a mini waffle

The breakfast selection wasn’t that many actually if you didn’t have the omelet. There were no bread, despite there was a basket full of Knott’s Jams! Bummer! They had a basket of mini waffles, along with its usual companions (whipped cream and syrup or whatever you called it) and mini bagels with cream cheese. Unless you want to try Mexican breads or the dessert tables full of mini muffins, cupcakes, and pies.

look pretty cool but I didn't have any.

apple pies and boysenberry pies, walked by it three times but didn't have any in the end haha

Since this place is famous with its fried chicken, I decided to have a little “bad” food for my second round.

1 fried chicken wing, some tortilla chips with salsa, mixed potatoes with bell pepper, and a mini biscuit

The fried chicken wing was ok, but I didn’t want to have too many. Same thing with the chips. The chips were a bit salty to my taste and salt didn’t do well for my mouth. Last time I had a bit more salted dry nuts, I got this stupid canker sore for almost 2 weeks. The biscuit was on the soggy side, wasn’t fluffy and flaky as it supposed to be. It tasted more like a soggy bread than a biscuit.

So what was next after a plate of slightly “bad” food? A plate full of veggies of course! I had a full plate of garden salad, with a bit of cocktail shrimps and topped with salsa as my dressing! It was good!!

the salsa was getting spicier after a while..but I still finished the whole plate!

Three plates total, wow! It was dessert time! I walked passed by the dessert table a couple time, thinking if I should try some of those. I am not a sweet tooth person but once a while I do want to give a little treat to myself. However, I was drawn into their fruits area because they have this HUGE AND SUPER AMAZINGLY SWEET STRAWBERRIES!

Ok, that was the last one. Phew, I was full but not overly stuffed, which was good! I don’t like the feeling of being overstuffed that you have to unbutton your jeans. We walked around the shops before we headed home. There you go! Eating at a buffet restaurant can be as healthy or as bad, depending on your food selections. And also eating at a buffet doesn’t mean you have to have a lot of stuff. The trick is to get a very small portion of some foods that you’re interested in. If you like it, you can always go back to get more.

After we got back home, we decided to take a little nap. Getting up at 4:30 am and jogged for about 1 1/2 hour for 6 miles was a little tiring. Not to mention the nice sunny and breezy So Cal weather we were having here.

One hour later, we decided to start the house cleaning, our usual weekend ritual. But instead, we felt a bit hungry so we snacked on some stuff. I toasted one slice of the wheat bread and a cup of non fat plain yogurt with fresh blackberries.

nicely toasted!

topped with pb


what's better than having cool plain non fat yogurt with fresh blackberries in this hot weather?

My hubby was having a couple slices of green onion bread and one pita bread. I had a couple bites of those too. Sorry no pics.

After fulfilling our tummy needs, we split to do our own chores. Laundry, cleaning, etc all done right on time. We weren’t that hungry so dinner was kept light. Lots of spinach, boiled nappa cabbage and a bunch of whatever leftovers from yesterday. It wasn’t that interesting so no pictures.

All right, I’m waiting for the bread to be done rising so I could make the chocolate bread for my friend tomorrow when I visiting her.

Before that, here’s something interesting

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Stuck on my chair

Well, not exactly, but 90% of my activity today was watching anime online. I used to like anime (Japanese cartoon) a lot in the past, now it has been decreased a lot since there were not many good anime around.

Anyway, we went to the beach this morning for our usual jog/walk/run whatever you wanted to call. My husband jogged along the way while I just did between brisk walking and jogging. My right foot was still a bit hurt so I didn’t want to put too much pressure. I’m considering to see a foot specialist. Before I went to the beach, I had a glass of protein powder mixed in water to give me some energy. I felt my stomach was super empty and I knew I wouldn’t last long if I didn’t do something about it.

On our way back home, we stopped by at a market to shop groceries. My fridge was super empty and definitely need to shop some. I bought:
3 romaine lettuce
2 lbs tomatoes
3 lbs carrots
1/2 lbs mixed nuts
2 fishes
1 lb peeled and deveined shrimps
a bag of cherries
1 bag of baby carrots
2 red bell peppers
2 green bell peppers
1/2 lbs raw almond nuts
3 packs of spinach
4 lbs non fat plain yogurt
4 packs of blackberries

All of these are about $25! That was a lot of stuff and yet I only spent less than $30! 🙂

After cleaned up and showered, I fixed this delish breakfast for me: 1 slice of whole wheat toast I made last night w/ PB and 1 cup of non fat plain yogurt topped with Kashi cereal.

fluffy and soft whole wheat bread

My husband had the sandwich that I got from my co worker yesterday. I had 1-2 bites. It was good but too much mayo for my taste.

And he’s so sweet to give me a cup of hot tea. I had 2 cups of this.

We talked a bit after finishing breakfast, our usual ritual on every weekend morning. The breakfast was kind of late (around 9:30 am) so we weren’t hungry by lunch time yet. Regardless, we still had to eat at regular lunch time. Just a habit we’d like to keep. So we kept our lunch light..lots of veggies (boiled spinach and left over boiled broccoli from last night) and left over soy sauce chicken.

Btw between breakfast and lunch, I was snacking through these bad boys….ugh…the roasted mixed nuts and corn kernels were hard to resist. The dry roasted raw almonds weren’t as much temptation though. I had to go easy on these unless I want another painful canker sore popped up in my mouth again.

Today was a bit warmer than yesterday and the day before. In fact this weather made me lazy. My husband was such a good man, he swept and wiped our living room and kitchen floor while I was stuck on my chair, watching anime online. To top it off, he even cut some fruits for me.. Man, I am such a bad wife.

The computer room was getting a bit too warm so I went downstairs and washed some cherries as my second snack. I asked my husband to take a break and joined me having these sweet delicious cherries.

I remembered we bought a tin of peanut flavored wafers, so we had some of those as well, along with some almonds.

wafer nutrition facts. 2 pieces for 90 calories??

So after finishing some snacks, I went back upstairs and continued watching the anime online while my husband continued his cleaning. See, I am such a bad wife? Leaving all the houseworks to the husband.

Saturday is the day my husband goes to his parents’ place for a dinner. I usually tag along, even though most of their foods are not quite fit into my current diet, but this time I decided to skip it. Yeah, I’m such a bad wife and daughter-in-law as well. Good thing my mother-in-law isn’t the picky type and the best part is we don’t speak the same language. She doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Chinese. It’s good in some ways, less misunderstanding.

This whole day I wasn’t quite hungry but I still wanted to have dinner at my usual time. Since it’ll be only me and my brother, I made a bowl of salad and a steamed fish.

romaine lettuce, baby carrots, 1/2 red bell peppers

white trout fish..first time trying was ok actually.

2 cans of garbanzo beans, a bit of EVOO, garlic powder and a dash of salt

after the blend

left over in the blender. Couldn't reach it so added more water..a bit too much it was a bit watery in the end. I used that for my salad dressing

after dinner- noticed I finished 1/2 of the salad bowl alone..haha. My brother finished the rest of the salad..I think

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It’s Long Weekend!

I’m so happy finally the long awaited long weekend is HERE!! Even though I don’t have any plans whatsoever, I am still looking forward to it. After a whole 2 weeks being pounded, grounded and grilled by tons of work and annoying colleagues at work, this is a nice break.

So after I finished my morning workout, I felt having a bowl of oatmeal. But little did I know, I didn’t have much oatmeal left so it turned out to be a super watery oatmeal, even after I left it for a bit to take a shower.

super watery. It tasted a bit bland compared to cooking it in plain soymilk. Heck I still finished it!

I packed a small portion of cottage cheese topped with some Kashi® GoLean® Cereal. No pic, you get the idea.

One of my co worker gave me and my colleague this nice sandwich from Chinese bakery. It looks so good but I didn’t want to waste my cottage cheese so I brought it home and will have it tomorrow for breakfast instead.

nicely packaged!

Dinner was just simple boiled broccoli, nappa cabbage, microwaved carrots and soy sauce chicken with star anise that I made last night.

A little bowl of lentil brown rice. Seriously, I was thinking to wrap this with dry seaweed, sort of brown rice “sushi”, but I realized I don’t have any in my pantry. Bummer!

Ok I’ll wrap up this post short for today.

Happy Long Weekend!

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Keep it simple

I wouldn’t consider today as my workout day because I only did X Stretch. Basically, you do all kinds of stretching for a full one hour. It was good though, considering my back and core are sore from yesterday Kenpo. Who would expect that?
Anyway, food wise today was another not too creative stuff. I had one banana after the Stretch, cut out some fruits to bring to work and showered.

I also packed yogurt with cottage cheese for my actual breakfast at work, with Cherrios and some remaining Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal.

I left this at work for my emergency snack in case I felt a bit hungry and need some fixing. Much better than getting chips from vending machine, right?

My husband prepared the dinner again this time. Similar stuff as last night, more broccoli, gai lan (Chinese broccoli), some hard boiled eggs, frozen Korean dumplings, microwaved carrots and edamame. I think I had at least 4-5 eggs (sans yolks), ate with ketchup. Delicious!

I also warmed up some of lentil brown rice I made last night. Topped with ketchup! Perfect!

After dinner, I decided to cook some meat dish for tomorrow. I felt bad for the boys not having any real meat dish for the past 2 days. This time I didn’t forget to defrost the frozen whole chicken before I went to work, so after I finished dinner I cut it up and made this star anise soy sauce chicken. Smells good! Too bad I already ate and packed my lunch (which was very similar to what I had this afternoon)

soy sauce chicken with star anise

I didn’t take a picture but earlier while waiting for the chicken to be cooked, I finished the last remaining low fat yogurt, mixed with a bit of cottage cheese and 1 tsp of peanut butter. This was my first time ate peanut butter in yogurt. It was actually not too bad.

Btw, can’t you believe tomorrow is already Friday and to top it off, it’s a LONG WEEKEND! What kind of plans do you have for long weekend? For me, NOTHING. Yeah, lame but I didn’t have time to plan for anything. Besides I have to bring my car for maintenance service on Memorial Day. Oh well, I might just improvise when the time comes.

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Super short

Woke up in the morning, did Kenpo X workout and refuled with a bowl of oatmeal cooked in the last remaining plain soymilk, topped with Kashi Crunch, banana, and this time not forgetting the PB.

I’d say this time the oatmeal turned out just perfect! And as usual I had 2 containers of fruits as my afternoon snacks. Similar combo as yesterday, but with 1 orange added to the mix.

I also had 1.25 cup of cottage cheese and low fat yogurt mixture, topped with Kashi crunch cereal as my second breakfast. Lunch was whatever I had for last night dinner.

What was for tonight’s dinner?
More veggies of course! Just look at these beautiful greens on the table!

I made 10 hard boiled eggs but took so long so I just had dinner without it. My belly couldn’t wait that long for the eggs to be done. As additional protein, I had another serving of yogurt cottage cheese mixture with a handful of Kashi crunch cereal.
This time my lunch for tomorrow is a bit different. In addition to the veggies, I cooked lentil-brown rice with chopped carrots. Can’t wait to have it tomorrow for lunch! Smells so good!

added 2 hard boiled eggs, took out one of the yolk.

Not many food pictures today, sorry. I figured my day to day food is almost very similar, and also I am feeling kinda lazy today. 😛

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Seriously, this morning I was frantically searching for my car keys and it turned out it was hanging behind my bedroom door knob! DOH! I felt so stupid and silly, misplacing my own car keys. Geez. Anyway after my workout this morning, I made old fashioned oats cooked in plain soymilk. I left it covered on the stove and took a shower, hoping it’ll thicken it a bit. But turned out it was too thick! Still good though, topped with banana and Kashi® GoLean® Crunch cereal. Bummer I forgot to put a bit of PB in there..I think I’m addicted with PB in oatmeal now.

oats turned out to be too thick. I added a bit of soymilk later on

As usual cutting fruits for my afternoon snacks and packed some low fat cottage cheese topped with Kashi® GoLean® Crunch Cereal. Did I tell you that I’m addicted to Kashi® now? :p

Lunch is pretty much leftovers from last night dinner as usual, so no point to take the pic, unless I had something totally different. Yes, I love left’s super convenient and usually food taste much better after being left overnight. Don’t you agree?

I got home and no dinner ready. Husband wasn’t home, my brother was not feeling well (again) – more on that later. So I decided to make tofu shrimp with ketchup! Seriously this dish wasn’t hard to make but took LOTS OF TIME! Why? Because I had to peeled and cleaned the shrimp (took out the vein from the back and the bottom). It was only 1 pound of shrimp and took me at least 30 minutes to do all of those. I know I could just get the cleaned ones, but it cost too much and not worth it! I’m a thrift.

shrimp, tofu and organic ketchup! Easy!

lots of bok choy! Seriously, I think I took 1/2 of the plate for my dinner and packed some for my lunch

remaining baby carrots

2 new dishes, 2 left overs (steamed fish and the salmon I made on Sunday)

My brother wasn’t feeling well today. It has been going on and off for him, having this nausea feeling and no appetite to eat. Why? I don’t know why is that either. My mom is having that similar problem as well, nausea and has no appetite to eat. No appetite to eat = no energy. So I had to go to a Chinese market, getting this maltose.

According to my dad, maltose is different from regular sugar, which is glucose. Unlike glucose, maltose can be absorbed easily by your body.

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Not too much stuff

I didn’t workout today because went to bed late last night, watching “LOST” final episode. So I tried to keep my meals light today.
As usual had soymilk with protein powder and brought some breakfast to work.

yogurt with kashi and cheerios, 1 slice of whole wheat bread

Brought a banana for my late morning snack, but didn’t eat it at all! I was full until lunch time.

dessert after lunch

And I didn’t eat anything, not even the second fruit serving, because I was so full until I got home. So those ended up became part of my dinner:

just bunch of left overs

I realized we didn’t have much stuff in our fridge so took a trip to a market to get more veggies, fruits, cottage cheese and soymilk. I was still a bit hungry, so after I got home, I had some cottage cheese topped with Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal. Yum! Now my belly is happy 🙂 – no pic, forgot to take it..haha.


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