A bit down…

01 May

It’s kinda late and I’m a little tired to write up anything. Just enjoy the pictures, you’ll get the idea 😀

Went to grocery shopping early morning before the crowd got in. This market is known to be super crowded during weekends.

apples, celery, mixed nuts, bananas, low fat yogurt, 3 packs button mushrooms

The nuts are SO YUMMY! I munched a bit in the morning and after lunch.

in the mix: pistachios, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, roasted pistachios, roasted peanuts, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts



Melted cheddar cheese in whole wheat pita bread..YUM

I decided to cut that whole chicken that I defrosted from couple days ago. The menu? Stir fry chicken with celery and mushrooms! 😀

the preparation

put everything together...sizzling on the pan. Yummy!

Oh, I felt like noodles today. So why don’t I boil these yummy homemade noodles from my auntie in Indonesia?

very yummy homemade noodles!

Oh don’t forget the pickles and the left over veggies from last night

left over veggies and the stir fry chicken

I did get second for the veggies and the chicken

Lunch is ready! Bon apetit!

For some reason, I don’t really have the appetite to snack at home. Notice I didn’t have small meals here and there compare to weekdays. Maybe because today is my day off from workout? Could be.
Sorry no pics for dinner. Went to in-laws place as part of my weekend routine, and it’ll be a bit weird if I took picture of every single thing I ate 😛

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