Bright Sunny Sunday

02 May

I got up around 7 am and it was an overcast day. Given I’ve finished my P90X routine, I decided to start my own routine. Anyway it was a totally different subject, and you can read more about my workout routine here.

After finishing my workouts around 9 am, I refueled with plain soymilk mixed with chocolate protein powder and Clif Mojo Mountain Mix (Sweet and Salty Trail Mix bar).

soymilk protein drink and Clif Mojo Mountain Mix (Sweet & Salty Trail Mix bar)

It has a good balance of sweet and salty taste and the best part it is 70% organic and only 180 calories! I chomped down on this along with my protein drink 🙂 That filled me up.

My hubby came back from his jog when I was still in the shower and he was so sweet to make me a cup of nice hot tea 🙂

brewed from loose leaf tea.

Sunday morning was the great time to spend and chit chat with your spouse. Believe me, my husband and I could have a very long conversation while sitting in the dining room, sipping our tea. Time flew by very fast and before we knew it, it was almost lunch time!
Pardon me, but today was quite uncreative lunch preparation because majority of the food were left overs from yesterday. I only boiled the remaining broccoli in our fridge because they started to go bad and I hate to waste food.

left over fried rice from my brother's dinner, left over noodles from yesterday and boiled broccoli

In addition to those, I also heated up some of Stir fry Celery mushroom chicken from yesterday and pickled cucumbers & jicama.

I had at least 3 bowls of broccoli with bits of chicken meats and the pickles. I did have a spoonful of the seafood fried rice, but it was a bit too oily for me

And after lunch, I snacked on these nuts. They are so delicious! So hard not to overeat them so I had to pour out on to my palm so that’ll be all I eat. Ok, I lied. I did took some bites here and there before lunch as well.

So after lunch, I went to my usual weekend routine: cleaning up the house/kitchen. I already wiped the windows upstairs and I cleaned the kitchen the usual way. Only this time I skipped wiping the windows and furniture in our living room because: I just didn’t feel like it for today. I know..bad…but I need a little break once a while, right? Also I made a whole wheat raisin-cranberry bread before the cleaning. This time I modified the recipe a bit (mixing white and wheat flour) and it was a mistake. It didn’t rise up as high as it used to be. Grr…I definitely should just stick to my own recipe.

Oh no, look at the time. It’s almost dinner time. I better go down and fix something quick. More post later. 🙂

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