The three Fs

03 May

What’s up with the title? Well read on, then you’ll find out 🙂
Why today has to be Monday? Regardless I got up even earlier than weekends..LOL. My body got used to my morning workout routine. Yeah, after 3 months getting up at 4:30 am, my body adjusted to it, especially if I went to bed before 10 pm. Who needs an alarm if you have your own alarm?

Anyway, after yoga, I had the usual soy milk with chocolate protein powder and I grabbed 1 banana as well.

In the meantime, I cut out 2 big oranges and 2 small apples for my afternoon snacks.

oranges, apples, luna bar

For my breakfast, I brought 2 slices of the whole wheat raisin cranberry bread I made yesterday.

The bread was pretty good especially after I toasted them in at work. Yup, the office room where all the designers work at has a toaster. We’re the only ones in the office have it hehe. Sometimes other people come into our room when they want to toast their bread or bagels.

Also I decided to bring Luna Iced Oatmeal Raisin Bar.

9 grams protein, 3 grams fiber

only 180 calories! 70% organic too!

I had this bar in mid morning around 11 am because I was already hungry and usually I don’t eat my lunch until 1 pm. The bar is a bit too sweet for my taste, given I am not a sweet tooth type. I didn’t have the picture of the inside, sorry. My co worker who sat next to my table was in today, so I don’t want her to look at me weird taking the picture in the dark. Anyway, as the name described, pretty much an oatmeal bar covered with white sugar glaze with some raisin bits and hint of cinnamon. For those who likes sweets and cinnamon, this bar is for you. Just not for me. I am not a sweet tooth type nor cinnamon type. Regardless, I still finished it. I was starving, anything goes in haha. In fact this bar only has 180 calories and 70% organic too! Also I got my additional protein intake for 9 grams. That’s adding 27 protein total so far (the protein drink has 18 g protein for 1 scoop). Heck, it hold my hunger until lunch time! Perfect! I wasn’t stuffed when I had my lunch today.

After lunch I usually have my first fruit serving. I had the oranges first. Blast, the oranges were not that great. Some of them were a bit bitter, so I ended up not finishing it.

look pretty juicy but actually some were bitter and a bit dry. Didnt finish all of them

And I had my second fruit serving around 4:30 pm, which were the apples. Oh gosh, those Fuji apples were crunchy, sweet, juicy and delicious! I’m a fruity and fiber girl hehe. I love crunchy apples and hate mushy soft apples.
yummy crunchy and juicy fuji apples

I got home and my husband was cooking dinner already. Actually, my brother cooked the remaining whole tilapia that he bought on Friday. And of course it’s another steamed fish again!
steamed whole tilapia, boiled lettuce and stir fry cucumber- the boys did it!
The best thing is I didn’t have to cook anything after I got home today. And the boys did pretty good job with cooking healthy meals! Better than ordering take out or pizza, right? 😉

So whatever I had for dinner today will be tomorrow’s lunch.

Back to the title of the post: The Three Fs. It refers to my food today as Fruity Fiber Foods. Majority of my foods today contained lots of fibers (vegetables) and fruits. There you go 🙂 I’m sure some of you who are impatient enough just scroll down to the end of the post to find this out huh? Oh well, it’s getting late and have to get up early tomorrow for workout.

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One response to “The three Fs

  1. Ken

    May 3, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    Your lunch looks very good … :p


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