Delayed post

04 May

Ok, finally I got a time to sit down and update this post (one day later).
So, I did my workout this morning and felt great! So after that I need to refuel my energy, right? Especially after working out early morning in empty stomach, that was quite a challenge.

soymilk w/ protein powder & banana, my post workout meal. Same pic as yesterday

I got 3 huge ripe Granny Smith apples from my mother in law last week and after finishing almost my other fuji apples, I knew it was time to dig in those too. At glance, I thought these apples would be mushy and soft because they looked kind of beat up.

huge granny smith apple on left, compare to the tiny fuji apple. Very ripe organic papaya

But I was wrong. The granny smith apple was so crunchy and juicy! It has a little tangy taste but not much. The only complain I have is the skin was a bit too thick. I could even peel it off while eating it. Regardless, I just swallowed the whole thing.
My aunt gave me a papaya from her own backyard. It looked very ripe and sweet so I decided to cut it up and include it into my fruit pack.

yummy fruits!

After I got home, I had to prepare dinner quickly because, tonight was the new LOST on abc! Good thing my brother got some Chinese food take out so at least the boys would get their meat dish. As for me, I just boiled bok choy and gai lan, sauteed celery and remaining green beans topped with Natural Directions® Organic Ketchup and microwaved costco’s edamame.

yummy fibers!

Oh, I also baked 2 huge carrots. I think I baked them a bit too long. They were a little dry and a bit caramelized. But still good!

garlic chicken and beef broccoli. I feel bad for the guys to have these 😦

After I was stuffed, I decided to cut the fruits tonight because tomorrow is my workout day off, so I want to get extra snooze.
Same stuff as this morning, but only granny smith apple and the remaining papaya.

Also I whipped up egg white omelet for my lunch! I used 6 egg whites and reserved the yolks for other stuff. I hate to throw them away, such a waste and I hate wasting food. Eggs are NOT CHEAP! The omelet turned out so fluffy and huge. I had to complement myself to be able flip this huge omelet without breaking!! Woot!

huge egg white omelet! Lots of protein and fat free! 😀

mixed in some frozen veggies in there. yum!

Here’s my lunch for tomorrow!

egg white omelet and mixed veggies underneath. fiber and protein! 😀

Egg white omelet is best eaten with ketchup! And it’s better when it’s ORGANIC, like this Natural Directions® 100% Organic Ketchup!

I love this ketchup! It tastes lighter compare to regular ones and for sure there’s NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP unlike other ketchup brands! For price wise I’d say it’s a bit more expensive than regular ones, but hey, you’re paying for what you get. You pay a bit more, but at least you know that you’re not putting a bunch of chemical junks into your body. Health comes first, right? 😉 I highly recommend this ketchup to anyone that wants to make a switch. It’s not easy to find a good organic ketchup with comprehensive ingredients.

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