Mad of fibers!

05 May

I felt a bit weird for not waking up in the morning for workout. But sometimes I missed to sleep in a bit during weekday.
Anyway, since I didn’t workout this morning, I kept my breakfast a bit light.

plain soymilk, no sugar added.

banana is getting riper

I decided to pack 8 oz of edamame for my lunch. I need more protein 😛

I also packed another stuff for my second breakfast in the office. Plain yogurt with a bit of dried cranberries and Kashi® GoLean Crunch Cereal. Uh, I didn’t finish that whole bag. In fact I only had 1/2 of it!

Little I knew, one of my colleague bought me and my other co worker a breakfast. Doh! I was already kinda full from my yogurt cereal breakfast. He bought us the breakfast as a token of appreciation for helping him launching the project on time. Anyway, the breakfast was Chinese style omelet. It’s an omelet wrapped inside egg roll wrap. I had 1-2 bites just to try it. It was good but kinda greasy for me. I brought the rest home so my husband can have the rest.

took this after I got home. It was good but greasy

So, what’s dinner? Another round of fiber madness!!

I didn’t cook much except boiling the veggies and baked the remaining carrots. The rest of the food were left overs from yesterday and day before.

So is my tomorrow’s lunch

veggies, carrots, chicken, brown rice

Ok I better go down and marinate the chicken in the fridge so tomorrow we can have a new dish for dinner. 😀

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