I was cheated!

07 May

Don’t worry, it’s not something totally bad, but it’s still bad..LOL. More on it later.

This morning I did 20 minute Interval Cardio Mix. Basically I mixed up a bunch of cardio moves that I learned from P90X and use Tabata Interval technique to workout. That’s a separate topic, more on here.

So who can believe a mere 20 minute cardio workout could drench you in sweats? Of course it could if you did it in a very high intensity. A little too high perhaps for me. I might injure my right foot 😦 Anyway, I need to refuel my energy so soymilk with chocolate protein powder mix and Clif® Bar Blueberry Crisp!

240 g calories, good enough to refuel

It has a strong blueberry smell when first I opened it. Taste a bit too sweet for me but it didn’t give me that “sugar rush” unlike eating other sugary stuff. This bar is good for a quick energy replenish, especially after a hard cardio workout. Just make sure to drink plenty of water afterward, otherwise, your throat might feel really dry. I drank at least two 12 oz. of water after finished the bar.

I prepared the usual for my afternoon snacks, which are fruits! This time 2 apples and 1 orange. Also same breakfast as yesterday, a plain yogurt with some dried cranberries and the remaining Kashi® GoLean® Crunch Cereal. This time I finished it! Phew! It sustained my hunger until lunch time, which was perfect.

Around late afternoon, my brother called me that he wasn’t going to be home for dinner. So I thought of: Eat out for dinner with my husband! What can be better? It’s Friday night and it’s payday, I’d like to pamper myself a bit, take a break from cooking and cleaning. So we decided to go to a Thai restaurant.

Here we go for the cheating part.
We arrived at the restaurant and it was quite pack. Apparently there was one big table full of these young crowd, perhaps in their teens or early twenties. We sat down, looked at the menu and we ordered 3 dishes: Spicy Monsoon noodles, Thai Roasted Duck Rice Dish and Spicy Seafood Mix Rice Dish. I requested brown rice for the seafood dish and mild for the spicy dishes. I actually prefer spicy but my husband couldn’t do it so mild would be the best choice.

While waiting for our dishes to come, I looked at the young crowd and thought to myself how nice it was to be young and full of energy like them. Here I am, with my painful right foot just from doing a mere 8 minutes jumping exercises. It made me sad a bit but then our food came!

Spicy Monsoon Noodles

Thai Roasted Duck Meat

Spicy Seafood mix

The Spicy Noodles were good, in fact I ate a couple bites of it. The only complain I had it was a bit too oily. I should’ve told them to put less oil in all our dishes. The Thai Roasted Duck was good, but it wasn’t too much duck meat in there. The Spicy Seafood Mix was ok …BUT I WAS CHEATED! I did ask for brown rice and they did. HOWEVER, they mixed some BUTTER in the brown rice!
Just take a closer look here:

brown rice is not this yellow!

I know how plain brown rice taste like. It supposedly a bit nutty and has a little sweetness in there. This one? It had some buttery taste! *Sigh* Why did they have to ruin my dinner???? 😦 Regardless, we still finished all 3 dishes..haha! Mostly it was my husband who finished them up. I only had a bit of the brown rice and ate most of the side salads. I didn’t finish most of salads because they had too much creamy dressing there. It was good but I wished I ask them to leave the dressing out. In fact, I was quite hungry so I ate a bit more than usual I guess.

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