Easy Breezy

08 May

I woke up a bit late today (around 7 am..hahaha..I know it doesn’t consider to be late actually!) and it was such a bright sunny day. It’s Saturday, and usually Saturday always started with grocery shopping and this time I went to Super King Markets!

I always check their weekly ad which usually updated every Thursday to see what produce they have on sale. Since the one I usually go always get really crowded over weekend, I always go early morning to avoid the busy crowd. Today I got there a bit later than usual (around 8:40 am) and I had to wait pretty long at the seafood section. There were sooooo many people and the isle was pretty small so it was best to just carry shopping basket instead of shopping cart.

Why it’s crowded? Because their produce are always FRESH and CHEAPER compare to other national chain supermarkets (think of Ralph’s, Vons, Albertson’s etc). Majority of the stuff they carry are targeted to Mediterraneans and Mexicans but they also cater to Asians as well! I got my House Premium Tofu for 99 cents! Also I love their Naan bread and the pita breads! Last week I got their mixed nuts and had to resist a temptation to finish the whole container of nuts! Overall, I love this place and always check on their ads before checking others!

When my husband and I got back from grocery shopping, we were both starving because we haven’t ate breakfast. I heated up whole wheat pita bread I got from Super King Markets, topped with some cheese. Hmmm…so yummy!

whole wheat pita bread w/ melted cheese

plain soymilk. Gotta get more later tonight

My husband had 1 naan bread and 1 Arabic bread that he got earlier. I had a couple bites and they were so good, especially if you eat it right after you heated.

I tried to keep my breakfast light because it was already 10 am when I had it. Don’t want to get too full that I’ll have to push back my lunch meal.

Speaking of lunch, I baked banana nut squash I got earlier. This is my first time having it and since I had no idea how to really cook it, sliced and threw them into the oven was the best choice. They turned out so good!

baked banana nut squash

Remember the 6 egg yolks I had from last time I made my egg white omelet? My husband made them into Egg Yolk fried rice!
I reminded him to go easy on this fried rice because egg yolk contains high cholesterol and I don’t want him to get sick. I wasn’t feeling too well today with this cramps from the monthly thing, so my husband prepared lunch for us *yay*

steamed corn cobs

our lunch!

My plate

I finished most the squash and didn't even eat the corn.

And can’t skip my afternoon fruits either!

oranges and red globe grapes

Tonight we’re going to go to my in law’s place for dinner. It’s part of our weekend routine and also to celebrate Mother’s Day at the same time. Maybe I can get some pics later? Who knows.

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