Vegetarian Chow Mein

13 May

Morning workout was ok, but my knees are a bit tight now. Not sure what cardio I’d do tomorrow. We’ll see.

Anyway I refueled with this yummy plain non fat yogurt with the super ripe bananas. I prepared this before I started my workout so by the time I finished, it would be at the nice room temperature. I don’t want to eat anything too cold in early morning, especially in empty stomach. Yes, I always exercise in empty stomach because I don’t want to have stomach cramps.

I packed another super ripe banana for my mid morning snack and 1 empanada I got yesterday. The empanada was good, a bit sweet but didn’t hold my hunger until lunch time. Good thing I packed that banana 😀

Lunch was super filling! I wasn’t even hungry until I got home, even skipped my oranges! What can I say, it was a protein packed lunch!

I kept dinner really light, nothing fancy though. Just left over soup from last night, added more tofu and carrots and boiled last batch of the veggies. Btw, my brother prepared all of those. No pic for dinner cause it was same thing from last night.
But I made Vegetarian Chow Mein for lunch tomorrow! I got these noodles from my auntie. She made it from SCRATCH! Amazing! The ingredients are very simple: flour, eggs, water and some salt! No preservatives, no artificial flavoring, nada nothing! I have to keep the noodles in the freezer, otherwise they’ll go bad very quickly.
So just like typical Asian noodles, I had to boil them first before stir frying it.
In the mix are:
1 big carrots (julienne)
a couple of dried fungus, soaked until soft
7 oz firm House tofu, cut into strips
2 small eggs, scrambled
Soy sauce
a bit of salt
minced garlic

It's very yummy and vegetarian!

It completes my lunch for tomorrow!

I had the oranges for my dessert after dinner. It looks red and juicy but unfortunately I had to throw away half of them. I think one of the orange wasn’t that great. It tasted so bitter! YUCK!

some are juicy and sweet, some are bitter

Oh my, finally tomorrow is Friday! Weekend is almost here again. I was quite busy at work today so after I got home, I felt a bit tired. Work was not that demanding but what was tiring me were the people you work with. If you have to deal with someone who doesn’t know what the heck he/she is doing and yet bossing you around, it’s very frustrating. Even more frustrating when YOU KNOW MORE than he/she! But too bad, he/she is your supervisor/manager, and you can say no….*sigh*
I hate office politics. Sorry a bit rant about my work when this supposedly food journal.

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