Less is always better!

17 May

Today was such a gloomy day. It was drizzling in the morning. Just look at this view from my home.

Perfect weather to sleep in huh? But nope! I still got up at 4:30 am to crank out my P90X Chest & Back, Ab ripper X, and Pilate Abs. It was quite rough for me, maybe just one of those days. Anyway I refueled with plain soymilk with chocolate protein powder and a banana.

This time I bought another brand soymilk instead of some generic Asian one. It said plain soymilk but it’s still with sugar in it? Just look at the ingredients!

why so many ingredients? can't they keep it simple?

My husband bought the usual soymilk at an Asian supermarket because the one I got yesterday was too sweet for me. The bummer part was I couldn’t find a single soymilk brand WITHOUT added sugar! Seriously, why can’t those commercial brand make soymilk with just basic ingredients: soybeans and filtered water, THAT’S IT! Just like this one:

soybeans and filtered water! Nothing else! Why can't they do this?

Of course if you compare the American one and the Asian one, the American one did a great job with their packaging. But, we’re not consuming the package, but the content! Who cares how pretty is the package?

Anyway I’ll still finish the American brand one, hate to waste it.

After I got to work, I had my second breakfast: low fat cottage cheese with Kashi® Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax Cereal and a piece of my whole wheat bread with some Natural Chunky peanut butter.

This is my second time having cottage cheese and I’d say I am still acquiring to the taste. I have no problem having it as long I have some other stuff together with it, whether it’s cereal, crackers or fruits.

Lunch was good. Just left over whatever I had for lunch yesterday and of course some fruits.

Came back home, I found this package from Larabar®! Finally my samples arrive. Can’t wait to review these! I heard lots of good things about them and the best thing is, their ingredients are super simple! No chemical names, no hard to pronounce ingredients name and no added sugar!

Dinner was just simple stuff, lots of veggies and tofu and some eggs. Hubby prepared all of these!

After dinner, I felt I didn’t get enough protein intake so another round of cottage cheese with Kashi® GoLean Crunch Cereal!
Not sure if I’m starting to like cottage cheese or maybe it’s because of Kashi® Cereal 😛

crunch crunch!

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One response to “Less is always better!

  1. nattietan

    May 17, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Yay to Larabars!! Hehe. I love Peanut Butter cookie and PB & Jelly. Uber yum!

    Nat xoxo


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