22 May

In the morning, I planned to start house cleaning after lunch, so I’ll have an extra time to relax and catch up “FlashForward” on However, after lunch instead start off the cleaning, I watched FlashForward, on and off falling asleep. It wasn’t because the show was boring, but after eating lunch, sitting in front of your computer, in this nice sunny and breezy day, anyone would doze off. I almost wanted to skip cleaning and pile up everything for tomorrow.

I have 2 choices: slack off today and be very packed tomorrow or do some today, leave some for tomorrow so I’ll have sometime to relax on both days. I picked the 2nd choice and glad I did. I asked my brother to help out cleaning so he did downstairs, I did upstairs. Everything was done before 3 pm!

So to reward myself I cut up the last remaining papaya and washed some grapes. Also I remembered that I only had a bit of cottage cheese left and an unopened low fat plain yogurt in the fridge. I wasn’t too hungry or anything but I just wanted to have a little bit of something before I go out to Lucille’s BBQ Smokehouse later for dinner with my friends.

cottage cheese, yogurt, kashi and cherrios


I have 2 choices: don’t eat anything and binge later on, or have a little bit of something and be good later. I picked the second one.

I have about 1 1/2 hour before meeting my friends later. I checked up Lucille’s BBQ menu on their website and not much stuff really interest me. This dinner is to celebrate 2 of my friends birthday in May. And of course we have to cover their tabs and everything will be divided evenly, regardless who ordered what. I am not a big fan of steak but also I don’t want to just order salad because I’ll be look stupid enough and it won’t worth my money. Why would I order something that’s almost the same price as the main dish while in the end I still have to pay other people’s dish, which most likely will be steak dish! Heck, I decided to order some steak dish, eat a bit of it and pack the rest. Not to mention they’ll have a birthday cake.

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