Ups and Downs

23 May

Before I started with today’s post lemme recap about last night gathering.

So we got to this BBQ place, which in fact was pretty full of a group of proms. Good thing was by the time we got our table, those groups already left. We were sitting at the patio area, which was pretty much where large party were seated. It wasn’t as noisy as our last gathering, but wasn’t quiet enough for us to have a conversation.

Anyway after we looked at the menu, we decided to order the family style BBQ Feast. Two main dishes came with a salad, biscuits and 6 side dishes. The portion were humongous! In the menu it was for 10-12 people – American portion of course….LOL and all of us were Asians, obviously couldn’t eat all of those.

Who needs appetizer when you got this:

first the biscuits

big ass salad topped with lots of croutons

big bowl of clam chowder? WRONG. It's Ranch dressing...Yup it's a huge bowl that when it came, we thought it was a bowl of soup haha

big bowl of balsamic vinegerrate dressing

coleslaw. Those chopped red cabbages look like onions lol.

garlic mashed potato

sweet potato fries. I fought so hard not to even have one of it, or I'll BINGE!

shoe string fries. tempting!!

mixed veggies. This is the only dish that I could have at least 3 servings. It was kind of oily though.

Here come the main dishes:

tri-tip beef with pulled pork?

baby back ribs with other bbq meat that I don't know the name

I knew that I couldn’t eat most of the stuff so I chose the dishes carefully.

only had 1/2 of the biscuit

salad minus the croutons and only couple drips of balsamic dressing. It was kind of creamy actually

Actually I had 2 watermelon slices, 3 baby back ribs, 3x of the veggies here and a bit of pulled pork

with a jar of water..yup they gave you a jar for your drinks..haha!

The upside was I managed to stick to my game plan, ate minimal red meats, maxed out the salad and vegetables. The downside was I had to pay $37 while I didn’t eat most of the meat cuts, nor ordered any drinks except plain water. On the other hand, I got to pack some left over home so my husband and brother could take a bite of the meats.

We went to Tea Station, a Chinese tea shop to continue our gathering event, because the restaurant was getting noisy and this tea shop was pretty quiet. Besides some people wanted to have their tea or coffee after the dinner. The upside was I got to hear the conversation more and talked to my friends more. The downside was I couldn’t drink any tea at night because of the caffeine and couldn’t eat the deep fried finger foods that were given for free by the staff because one of my friend was their regular customer.

fried chicken pieces..UGH another temptation!

huge fish balls? Octopus balls? shrimp balls?? Not sure. I didn't have any so dunno!

more deep fried whatever-meat-it-was balls.

At least I got to enjoy the tiramisu birthday cake, even though only one small piece. It was good enough.

look so pretty!

my slice. Ate most stuff except the creams.

I got home around 10:00 pm, which obviously already “passed” my regular bedtime. To my surprise, I got up around 4 am before the alarm went off. The downside was my right foot was really hurt when I stepped on it, so we slept in. The upside was I did P90X Yoga X and finished the entire workout.

My husband jogged outside and finished almost at the same time as I finished my yoga. After workout breakfast was just a humble plain soymilk mixed with a scoop of Chocolate Protein Powder and a bowl of low fat plain yogurt, topped with Kashi cereal, Cheerios and dried apricots. Delicious!

soymilk with chocolate protein powder

We were planning to have champagne buffet brunch at Knott’s Berry Farm Chicken Dinner restaurant to use our coupons. But in the end we decided to postpone it until next Sunday. The downside was we already put this off for a while. But on the upside, we got to enjoy this delicious lunch full of goodness.

After lunch I was wondering if I should finish off my weekend chores. I fell asleep in front of my computer for a bit, but in the end I still finished it. Earlier in the morning, my husband mentioned that his parents wanted him to have dinner with them today, which means he would have to miss the final episode of “LOST”! I guess I have tell him all about the story later.

Anyway, dinner was a pretty simple dish. I cooked the salmon I got yesterday with a new recipe I came up on my own. I’d present: Lemon Basil Salmon.

the salmon turned out not bad actually.

not forgetting the veggies

The upside was it actually turned out pretty good, despite the lack of the ingredients. The downside was I found out the salmon was a bit undercooked at the thickest part.

Can’t believe weekend is almost over and tomorrow will be another days of work. While I’m writing this post, I am currently watching “LOST” preview before its final season begins. The downside of doing this is I got this long wordy post without pictures and tons of grammatical errors and fragments. But on the upside, I finished the post and will upload all the pictures tomorrow.

Off to watch “LOST” the 2 hour final episode while enjoying this fruits (oranges, apples, grapes) 🙂


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2 responses to “Ups and Downs

  1. jqlee

    May 25, 2010 at 8:08 am

    you had quite the weekend girl. that bbq stuff had to be quite the temptation i bet. sucks that you paid almost $40 for food you didnt even eat. oh well. like you said, you got to pack it though.

    i’m loving your homecooked dinner though!!

    • Jos

      May 25, 2010 at 9:58 pm

      Most of the temptations are the fries..haha..smell so good but I managed not to have any. I can’t only have a little bit because in the end I’ll just binge. Yeah, money wise it’s kinda expensive, but that’s what happened when you go out to eat in a large group.


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