25 May

Seriously, this morning I was frantically searching for my car keys and it turned out it was hanging behind my bedroom door knob! DOH! I felt so stupid and silly, misplacing my own car keys. Geez. Anyway after my workout this morning, I made old fashioned oats cooked in plain soymilk. I left it covered on the stove and took a shower, hoping it’ll thicken it a bit. But turned out it was too thick! Still good though, topped with banana and Kashi® GoLean® Crunch cereal. Bummer I forgot to put a bit of PB in there..I think I’m addicted with PB in oatmeal now.

oats turned out to be too thick. I added a bit of soymilk later on

As usual cutting fruits for my afternoon snacks and packed some low fat cottage cheese topped with Kashi® GoLean® Crunch Cereal. Did I tell you that I’m addicted to Kashi® now? :p

Lunch is pretty much leftovers from last night dinner as usual, so no point to take the pic, unless I had something totally different. Yes, I love left’s super convenient and usually food taste much better after being left overnight. Don’t you agree?

I got home and no dinner ready. Husband wasn’t home, my brother was not feeling well (again) – more on that later. So I decided to make tofu shrimp with ketchup! Seriously this dish wasn’t hard to make but took LOTS OF TIME! Why? Because I had to peeled and cleaned the shrimp (took out the vein from the back and the bottom). It was only 1 pound of shrimp and took me at least 30 minutes to do all of those. I know I could just get the cleaned ones, but it cost too much and not worth it! I’m a thrift.

shrimp, tofu and organic ketchup! Easy!

lots of bok choy! Seriously, I think I took 1/2 of the plate for my dinner and packed some for my lunch

remaining baby carrots

2 new dishes, 2 left overs (steamed fish and the salmon I made on Sunday)

My brother wasn’t feeling well today. It has been going on and off for him, having this nausea feeling and no appetite to eat. Why? I don’t know why is that either. My mom is having that similar problem as well, nausea and has no appetite to eat. No appetite to eat = no energy. So I had to go to a Chinese market, getting this maltose.

According to my dad, maltose is different from regular sugar, which is glucose. Unlike glucose, maltose can be absorbed easily by your body.

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