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26 May

Woke up in the morning, did Kenpo X workout and refuled with a bowl of oatmeal cooked in the last remaining plain soymilk, topped with Kashi Crunch, banana, and this time not forgetting the PB.

I’d say this time the oatmeal turned out just perfect! And as usual I had 2 containers of fruits as my afternoon snacks. Similar combo as yesterday, but with 1 orange added to the mix.

I also had 1.25 cup of cottage cheese and low fat yogurt mixture, topped with Kashi crunch cereal as my second breakfast. Lunch was whatever I had for last night dinner.

What was for tonight’s dinner?
More veggies of course! Just look at these beautiful greens on the table!

I made 10 hard boiled eggs but took so long so I just had dinner without it. My belly couldn’t wait that long for the eggs to be done. As additional protein, I had another serving of yogurt cottage cheese mixture with a handful of Kashi crunch cereal.
This time my lunch for tomorrow is a bit different. In addition to the veggies, I cooked lentil-brown rice with chopped carrots. Can’t wait to have it tomorrow for lunch! Smells so good!

added 2 hard boiled eggs, took out one of the yolk.

Not many food pictures today, sorry. I figured my day to day food is almost very similar, and also I am feeling kinda lazy today. 😛

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