It’s Long Weekend!

28 May

I’m so happy finally the long awaited long weekend is HERE!! Even though I don’t have any plans whatsoever, I am still looking forward to it. After a whole 2 weeks being pounded, grounded and grilled by tons of work and annoying colleagues at work, this is a nice break.

So after I finished my morning workout, I felt having a bowl of oatmeal. But little did I know, I didn’t have much oatmeal left so it turned out to be a super watery oatmeal, even after I left it for a bit to take a shower.

super watery. It tasted a bit bland compared to cooking it in plain soymilk. Heck I still finished it!

I packed a small portion of cottage cheese topped with some Kashi® GoLean® Cereal. No pic, you get the idea.

One of my co worker gave me and my colleague this nice sandwich from Chinese bakery. It looks so good but I didn’t want to waste my cottage cheese so I brought it home and will have it tomorrow for breakfast instead.

nicely packaged!

Dinner was just simple boiled broccoli, nappa cabbage, microwaved carrots and soy sauce chicken with star anise that I made last night.

A little bowl of lentil brown rice. Seriously, I was thinking to wrap this with dry seaweed, sort of brown rice “sushi”, but I realized I don’t have any in my pantry. Bummer!

Ok I’ll wrap up this post short for today.

Happy Long Weekend!

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