Boomi Day!

05 Jun

I finally got a chance to try the Boomi Bar samples that I got couple days ago!

As usual, my husband and I had our morning beach run and it was a blast! Surprisingly, I could run more and almost couldn’t stop at all! That was the first time I felt this way. Usually I always dreaded whenever I reached to certain point, but not this time! Since I don’t usually eat before exercise, I was super duper hungry afterward. Actually, I felt my hunger while I was running but I kept focusing on my run. I packed 2 Boomi Bars, thinking my husband might want to give it a try as well, but he didn’t. So I tried Fruits & Nut Boomi Bar™.

All natural ingredients: nuts and dried fruits!

The bar was a bit sweet, due to the honey and the dates, chewy and crunchy at the same time. After about 4-5 miles of run plus 1 miles of brisk walking in 1 1/2 hour, this bar was a good post workout meal, especially we had to stop by to do some grocery shopping on the way back. There was no way I could hold my hunger that long, and I do not like shopping in empty stomach because I’d end up buying junks in impulse. Some stuff we bought today were 2 salmon steaks, broccoli, cherries, 2 bags of red seedless grapes, more mixed nuts, 2 lbs frozen shrimps, Unsweetened Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Milk, bananas (3 lbs for 99 cents? I take that!) and fresh basil leaves. I felt a bit awkward to be around people, especially I was sweating inside, my hair looked like a mess (had to keep the cap on) and in my running get up, but I don’t really care! The market was on our way back home from the beach, so what the heck, just finish it and leave. That place will get super crowded later of the day.

After I got home and showered, I made a bowl of old fashioned oats, cooked in almond milk, topped with a banana, 1 tbsp pb and 2 tbsp of non fat plain yogurt. This time the oatmeal was a bit watery compare the one I made yesterday, but creamier due to the almond milk. Delicious!

Now a little recap from yesterday.
After morning workout, I showered then made a bowl of oatmeal. Pretty similar topping as today, but cooked in water.
It was less watery than the one I had today, prolly I cooked it a bit longer.

Then I decided to give a first try to Boomi Bar™! I was thinking to have a bit more protein today so I picked Almond Protein Plus Boomi Bar™ for my late morning snack.

This bar didn’t taste that sweet at all!! And to top it off, the taste reminded me of some Chinese cookie that I couldn’t remember which one. It was dry, but didn’t have that “chalky” taste nor you could taste the Whey Protein. It was all good! Also it didn’t sit heavy in my stomach and hold my hunger perfectly through lunch time!

Lunch was whatever left over veggies and baked chicken from previous day dinner, plus cherries and mixed fruits which I didn’t eat the day before. All good stuff!

My brother made Chinese style steamed whole fish (he used tilapia) and my husband made a bunch of boiled veggies (romaine lettuce, nappa and broccoli).

Anyway, as I’m writing this post, I am thinking what to have for lunch. My husband will not be home for the rest of the day, so only need to cook for myself and my brother. I’m thinking of salmon…….

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