Attempted tofu burger- sorta

08 Jun

I experimented making veggie burger, turned out to be more like tofu pancake..LOL. I shouldn’t put the ingredients in the blender, rather just mashed them with spoons. But I got impatient, so I just threw everything in the blender. Taste wise was ok…more taste the black beans than the tofu. No taste of the shitake mushrooms that I put in. they look like beef patties?? LOL

In the tofu burger/pancake: 2 pieces of tofu, 1 canned black beans, 3 shitake mushrooms, soy sauce, a bit of brown sugar, garlic powder and a bit of black pepper.

tofu burger turned out to be tofu pancakes.

not forgetting the veggies

Ended with this mixed fruits! I finished one container after lunch then ate the other after dinner. Supposedly these are my daytime snacks but my lunch was quite filling and I didn’t feel like to have late afternoon munch.

Btw, I am craving this nice creamy oats that I had this morning…oooohh yummmm….

No packing lunch for tomorrow because………I take a day off from work! 😀

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