12 Jun

Before I started my crazy busy day, I’ll recap a bit about yesterday and the day before. It wasn’t much different stuff except I tried my experiment of Thai inspired BBQ chicken last night and this time I used chicken legs instead of whole chicken.

Much better than the last time I made the whole chicken, but taste wise was a bit lacking. I should add a bit of salt instead of using all soy sauce and honey. And I have to add more basil leaves while baking it to get that nice fragrant basil smell….Also I will bake more chicken legs later afternoon to bring to my friend’s place tonight. We are having a little get together at one of my friend’s house..she’s nice enough to host this little gathering at her place. There will be lots of food so I’ll make sure to take lots lots of pictures and post them tomorrow.

Anyway, this morning I went to the beach for my morning run. It was definitely a workout while you try to run against the wind. I could feel my legs were a bit tight and had to slow down a bit couple times. Regardless I still had a good workout!

On the way back, even though I wasn’t hungry I was tempted to snack on Prana Bar Apricot Goji from the samples I got last time.

Ingredients: organic cashews, organic almond butter, organic date paste, organic agave nectar, organic dried apricots, organic puffed amaranth, organic goji powder, sea salt.

This bar is a little too sweet to my taste due to the agave nectar in addition to the date paste. The date by itself is already sweet. Also despite the flavor named “Apricot Goji”, I didn’t taste much of apricot and goji in there..more of the date paste and the cashews. Even in the ingredient list, apricot and goji are not at the top list. I didn’t take the picture of the inside..sorry, was too excited to chomp it down..haha. The bar is chewy and a bit dense for me and also make sure to drink lots of water after consuming it. Like any other bars, it’ll make you thirsty after eating it. Anyway, despite all of those, it’s still a decent after workout snack, especially if you need something to hold off your hunger. It’s still better than consuming a bar of Snickers or any other HFCS snacks.

Yesterday I finally had a chance to sample Larabar Cherry Pie for my afternoon snack.

Ingredients: dates, almonds, unsweetened cherries

Despite its name, it tastes nothing as sweet as cherry pie, which is I like. I no sweet tooth girl but more of tangy tooth girl..haha (is that even a word)? Due to its unsweetened cherries, this bar has a good balance mix of sweet and sour. I could even taste the cherry bits in there! I almost mistaken this flavor with the other Larabar that I had a while ago, Larabar Peanut Butter and Jelly.
Maybe the package color is almost similar? Or maybe I’m just going nuts..haha.

Breakfast was nothing too new, a slice of whole wheat toast with pb and ham & cheese bread from some Chinese bakery.

So, today will be my total experimental cooking and baking. I will bake the rest of the chicken legs for tonight’s potluck and cross my fingers that they’ll turn out better than last night. Also I am currently soaking the almonds I got today to make my first homemade almond milk tomorrow. I came across to this post on Novel Eats Simply Vegan, which shows you how to make your almond milk step by step with pictures! We’ll see how it turns out tomorrow.

Lastly, I decided to make a little treats for my friend who’s hosting the gathering. I’ve been wanting to be a little creative on my chocolate buns that I made last time, so this post on King Arthur Flour Blog inspired me. Instead of putting cinnamon, I’ll use chocolate sprinkles and no icing.
The dough is still in the process of kneading and rising in my little bread machine.

Wish me luck!!!

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