Review time for Boomi Bar and Prana Bar

18 Jun

I think it’s time for me to give some reviews on Boomi Bar and Prana Bar. Seriously, I still have a big stack of those and I’m just slowly trying them. The best thing is I packed some to bring to work and keep them in my office drawer as my emergency snacks.

Prana Bar Apricot Pumpkin

Calories: 190. Ingredients: organic pumpkin seeds, organic agave nectar, organic date paste, organic almond butter,organic dried apricots, organic puffed amaranth, sea salt

This bar is very sweet to my taste and it’s chewy and a bit dense. Probably because of the agave nectar plus the date paste. It has some bits of pumpkin seeds into it but not so much of the apricot taste. However, despite those, this bar has the least calories compared to the rest of the bars. I am ok with this bar, given I am not a sweet tooth person, but for those who like sweets, this would be perfect! Not to mention all the ingredients are organic and it’s certified USDA organic!

Boomi Bar™ Pistachio Pineapple

Ingredients: Pistachios, honey, dates, apples, candied pineapple, cashews, crisped rice, amaranth, salt

Calories: 200

I love this bar! It has a big chunks of pistachios and the rice crisps added the airy feel of this bar. Also unlike Prana Bar, this bar is not that sweet! Even non sweet tooth person like me can still tolerate it. Calorie-wise is a bit high (200 calories for this small bar), but if you’re active and workout a lot, it shouldn’t be a big problem. In fact, I had this bar as my late morning snack and I still could have my lunch at usual time. It holds my hunger perfectly.

Boomi Bar™ Bar Cranberry Apple

Ingredients: Almonds, honey, apples, cranberries, dates, crisped rice, puffed amaranth, salt

Calories: 210

I had this bar today for my late afternoon snack because the fruits that packed today didn’t do it. So I decided to give this one a try and I loved it so much! I might be wrong but for me this bar was actually less sweet than Boomi Bar™ Pistachio Pineapple. Also it wasn’t as chewy and sticky, a bit more airy. I could taste a hint of tangy from the cranberry bits. Not to mention big chunks of almonds.

Boomi Bar™ Complete Nutritional Facts
Prana Bar Complete Nutritional Facts

Overall, I’d say Boomi Bar™ is my favorite over Prana Bar. Boomi Bar™ is not as sweet, chewy and dense as Prana Bar. However, it doesn’t mean Prana Bar taste bad, it’s just not quite for my taste. I’d still eat it if it’s the only thing in my pantry and when I’m hungry, who cares how it tastes as long it’s still edible, right?

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One response to “Review time for Boomi Bar and Prana Bar

  1. jqlee

    June 18, 2010 at 9:01 pm

    totally agree, the boomi bars are sooo good. i think the cranberry apple is one of my favs.


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