Is it weekend yet?

21 Jun

Monday is always the toughest day for me to focus at work. My mind was still in the weekend mode. Good thing was, today wasn’t that *cough cough* bizaaay. So I used my “spare time” to read up some blogs thru Google Reader (FYI, I just started using this despite heard about it so many times before). Usually I just memorized the blog URLs that I usually read and go from there. Heck, how many URLs I can cram up in my little brain eh?

There are some interesting recipes that I’d love to try this coming weekend (thus the post title)

Kristen’s Cheezy Hemp Nacho Sauce – from Averie’s Blog. I might substitute the hemp seeds with raw cashews, per Averie’s suggestion. I’ve never had hemp seeds before but according to people’s comments, those are pricey stuff.

Another Averie’s recipe: Gluten Free Sweet Seed Crackers
I always love crackers and always wish to know how to make them from scratch. Store bought are nice, but it’ll be much nicer if I can make those from scratch. Besides, I can always control what I want for my homemade crackers.

My eats weren’t that special for today. Breakfast was oats cooked in homemade almond milk I made yesterday, topped with fresh strawberries and non fat plain yogurt.

I had another serving of plain non fat yogurt with Kashi GoLean Cereal at work. Guess what? For some reason, even though today was the least intense workout (Fountain of Youth Yoga -One on One with Tony Horton), I was still hungry!

Good thing I still had 2 bars in my stash drawer.
Prana Bar Coconut Acai came for my rescue!

As with the other Prana Bars, this bar was dense and sweet as well. However, with bits of coconut flakes, it kind of mellowed the sweetness of the bar. Heck, it went well with my unsweetened jasmine green tea and it hold my hunger quite okay. I got hungry again around 12 noon, a bit too early before my usual 12:45-12:50pm lunch time. Ugh. I had hard time concentrating if my stomach was growling.

Fruits as my after lunch and late afternoon snacks as usual. Today’s combo were peach, strawberries and cherries. No pic, you get the idea. Also my co-worker who just returned from her vacation in Taiwan gave little goodies: a cookie and a toffee candy.

Believe me I had the cookie after I had my late afternoon fruit snack. Dunno why, I was feeling a bit hungry so I decided to have this cookie as my little treat. I don’t usually eat cookies or treat but hey once in a while shouldn’t hurt.

very buttery and nutty

This cookie was super crunchy. It was one of those cookies that just melt in you mouth. Had a light buttery taste and a slight hint of mocha/coffee taste with bits of nuts and pumpkin seeds I believe.

Dinner was full of veggies and salmon dish that I made yesterday. Pack those for my tomorrow’s lunch and I’m off to bed!

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Posted by on June 21, 2010 in food


One response to “Is it weekend yet?

  1. jqlee

    June 21, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    asian cookies are the BEST, always light and buttery. and you do eat super well. hell, way cleaner than i do so yes, a cookie should be okay for you 🙂

    i wish i didnt like sweet things like you. slowly but surely, i shall break my sweet addiction.

    google reader is LIFE. i dont know what the hell i was doing w/o it before!!


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