Workaholic Wannabe

22 Jun

I finished my workout on time this morning, though I was stuck washing dirty dishes that been sitting in the sink overnight and putting away clean dishes back to the cabinet. I hate leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight but last night the drying dish rack was full and the dishes weren’t dry enough to be put away. Anyway still had time to wash, cut and peel fruits for my usual afternoon snacks. I even managed to pack some for my hubby too. Most of the time I didn’t do it but he’s cool with that. He usually just bring oranges, which we have plenty in the fridge!

his and hers. they're exactly the same so I just took one pic..haha

hers only..yeah I'm greedy when it comes to fruits!

And finally I ordered a heart rate monitor from Amazon!

Source: Amazon

Along some other stuffs:

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Despite those hectic things I had to finish, I still managed to get to work at 8 am sharp. The thing is work time is from 8:30 am- 5:30pm. Why so early? Because I am a workaholic rather have a relaxing commute than have to deal with traffic and bad drivers.

Or got stuck because of the train like this:

Today was a bit busier than yesterday, given my other 2 colleagues were not in. But that didn’t stop me having my whole wheat toast with PB for my breakfast:

And my late morning snack

non fat plain yogurt with Kashi cereal. Trust me, I added more after ate some of the yogurt. Love Kashi cereal!

Lunch as usual at around 1pm, whatever left over from last night dinner, with cherries as my dessert.

Back to work an hour later, had to rush some stuff out because it was supposed to be done today. The project requester was freaking out when she found out my colleague, who was handling it wasn’t in today. So I had to finish it up in a jiff. I made it in time and she was happy. In some ways today’s work pace wasn’t that bad. Even though it was busy, it wasn’t that crazy busy that I had to pull my hair out or stayed late. It was very rare that I had to stay later than the usual work time. Once in a while it can get pretty hectic, but once in a while it can get really dead. Talking about balance, eh?

Fish fillet in Curry Sauce

nothing beats fresh cucumbers and hummus dipping!

Sorry gotta cut it short. It’s getting late and I’m going to bed.

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