Jogging, furniture window shopping and relaxing

26 Jun

My morning beach jog/run was fantastic! I even did a mini interval run/jog in between, synchronizing with my music. I thought today I couldn’t do much run because my left knee acting up, but that wasn’t the case. Also as usual Saturday morning is our grocery shopping time so we stopped by at Superking Market on our way back. Ever since I found out about them, I usually go there to shop produce stuff. They don’t label themselves carrying organic produce, but I could careless about buying organics. I chose convenience and budget friendly rather than organic. Besides, the stuff look fresh and decent price.
Surprisingly I wasn’t hungry at all after that run/jog interval, though I only did it for 2-3 songs. Usually I had to snack on some energy bar but not today. I still had it in my bag, but I wasn’t feeling hungry so it stayed in tact.

Ok my eyes are starting to closing up and have to shower and go to bed soon. Nite!
Finally, after I came home, I was so excited to taste Rudi’s Organic Bakery Bread for my breakfast!!

Cinnamon Raisin Bread and Spelt Ancient Grain Bread

I toasted both of these goodies in the oven for a bit to warm them up and also to get one side a bit crispy. Yesterday after I received them, immediately I put them in the fridge so they won’t get spoiled. These are organics, can’t stay outside too long, especially with this getting warmer So Cal weather.

fluffy cinnamon bread

I haven’t bought any bread from store for a while but I could remember how it tasted like. It was soft but empty at the same time. Also store bought wheat bread (any kind) always left some bitter after taste in my mouth. But not with Rudi’s Organic Bakery Bread! The cinnamon raisin bread had that typical cinnamon smell and the sweetness came from the raisins and tasted pretty solid. I am not a big fan of cinnamon, but I am not a hater as well. It’s just something I could live without but I won’t refuse it if it’s around either. Overall this cinnamon raisin bread is a must for all cinnamon lover. 🙂

Next is the Spelt Ancient Grain Bread, toasted and topped with Natural Directions® Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter.

Rudi's Organic Bakery Spelt Ancient Grain Bread - toasted and topped with chunky PB

close up view

I’d say this is my absolute favorite! Tasted pretty light, pretty unusual for whole wheat bread. Even the one that I usually make, I have to mix 50/50 with regular flour, otherwise it’ll be a bit dense. I read on a lot of baking sites, most whole wheat bread recipes that use only whole wheat flour tend to be a bit dense compare to white bread. That’s because whole wheat flour doesn’t have as much gluten as regular flour.
Ken, my husband (I think it’s time I should just refer him with his name instead of keep saying “my husband” all the time 😀 ) toasted Rudi’s Organic Bakery White Bread.

first round, a bit too toasted on the other slice

second round, much better! Not too burned!

He had total 4 slices of those, plus another 3 slices of my homemade whole wheat bread. He ate all of those plain, no PB, butter, nothing, zero, nada. Just plain toasted bread slices! I took a little bite of the white bread. I couldn’t remember when was the last time I had white bread! It tasted a bit sweeter than the wheat ones I had earlier (sweetness from the raisins doesn’t count), and much fluffier as well.

warm homemade almond milk

Delicious breakfast on Saturday morning!

I was feeling like to have my usual jasmine green tea

Ken was nice enough to brew some Ti Kuan Yin Loose Leaf tea. I had 2 cups of this

While we were having breakfast we decided to go to Living Spaces to shop for our living room furniture. Seriously we’ve been planning on getting furniture ever since we moved, but always got delayed. At least I want to get rid of this ghetto looking futon from my living room:

After we finished breakfast, showered, we went straight to the store, which wasn’t too far from our house. Walked around the store, saw some dining table sets,bar stools and our eyes went on this sofa:

Source: Living Spaces Website

Looks pretty nice and we actually wanted to get it, along with some bar stools that we saw. In the end did we get it?
Sadly, NO. Ken said he wanted to wait a bit for the sofa but next week we might want to get the bar stools. Why next week? It’s a long weekend and we have this wishful thinking that the store might have some big sale going on. We’ll see.

After that we headed out to have ramen for our lunch. We haven’t been to this place for a while so had to circle around a little bit because the “human GPS” which was me kinda forgot the cross street thus making a big circle to finally get to here:

Kinda funny the store uses "Gomen" as its name. Gomen in Japanese means "Sorry"

It was a small restaurant, and pack as usual during lunch time. Thus the meaning "Gomen" because the customer had to wait a bit for the table? haha.

Good thing it didn’t take us long to get a table. I was pretty starving so after skimmed the menu, I decided to get Combination Any Ramen with Gyoza Combo. I chose Chasu Ramen, can’t go wrong with that. Ken chose Yasai (Mixed Vegetables) Ramen.

Gyoza aka potstickers came first

Finally after 10 minutes wait, our order came at the same time!

Chasu Ramen in soy sauce base soup

Ken's Yasai Ramen. Looks pretty light and healthy! I think today I wasn't in the mood of healthy stuff haha

Various toppings to add to your ramen: Chili pepper powder, soy sauce, vinegar and white pepper

How to eat ramen the Japanese way? Use chopsticks to pick the noodles, put it on the spoon with some soup and enjoy! Itadakimasu!! (way of Japanese saying grace before eating)

Usually I couldn't finish that whole bowl of noodles, but today I was starving! All gone!

Despite not in mood of healthy stuff, I still set aside the fatty pork parts.

We were planning to go to another furniture store but Ken was pretty tired so we decided to head home. Guess what I got? My Garmin package has arrived!! Woot!

gotta charge it first and put it on test drive for my beach run/jog tomorrow!

can't neglect fruit serving of the day: mango, orange and peach..all yellow colored fruits today

So it was a lazy afternoon for us. Ken took a long nap and I was browsing the internet, read random blogs, watched anime until it was dinner time. Btw, I had this little bad boy again today:

Had to drink lots of water after this

Dinner was just whatever. Left over from yesterday, boiled some spinach and steamed sweet potatoes. I didn’t have much veggies in the afternoon so I maxed them up for the dinner:

I had another half of sweet potato after this pic and added more tofus as well. Love tofu so much!


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2 responses to “Jogging, furniture window shopping and relaxing

  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    June 27, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    warm homemade almond milk looks so good!

    love the furniture!

    and i am about to order the garmin 405cx b/c I want gps and heart rate and that’s just the one i am 99% sure i am getting. LMK how you like your new toy!


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