Sunday recap and thoughts

28 Jun

It’s Monday evening and finally I had a time to sit down and write my post. As usual Monday is always the hardest day for me to focus at work, but in the end I always finished whatever I had in my hands. Anyway, let’s recap Sunday, shall we?

So I finally got a chance to test out my Garmin 305 Forerunner Heart Rate Monitor for my beach jog. Apparently, my heart rate was only hovering around 150-160 bpm. My normal pace mainly around 150-155 bpm.

More detailed summary

Hm, I guess my endurance wasn’t as great as I thought to be. That was kind of disappointing, especially after I saw how other people could get their heart rate up to 170-180 bpm.
Speaking of which, next time I have to wear the chest strap over my thin shirt, instead directly on my skin. When I took off the chest strap, I got a red blister across my chest plate! It was hurt!

After the workout, we came home and had some breakfast. I had a little bit of raw almond milk left in the fridge so I used it to make a bowl of oatmeal.

nuked for about 4 minutes and topped with PB. It was super creamy! I should've just nuke the oats instead of cooking it on the stove. Speaking of cooking in a pinch!

Rudi's Organic Bakery Cinnamon Raisin and Honey Sweet Whole Wheat topped with PB

Uh, did I just eat all the calories that I burned this morning?

Ken had these white bread plus 3 more Rudi's Bakery Honey Sweet Whole Wheat Bread and a banana I think.

After breakfast, Ken was asking me whether we should just get the couch and the bar stools that we saw yesterday at Living Spaces and be done with it. I was still a bit hesitant because not sure if we should just get one couch with 3 seats or we should get the love seats as well. Also I was all up for the bar stools but then I want to get them together with dining set so the bar stools and the dining chairs will match. Yeah, I’m such a picky person when it comes to furniture coordination. I don’t like seeing things not match to each other. When we were still living in apartment, I could careless about it since we’d move out eventually.

Lunch was just random stuffs that we put together: boiled spinach, nuked carrots, left over Korean soup from the day before, added more tofus in, and steamed sweet potatoes and yam.

Finally I made steamed eggs! A bit watery prolly cuz I added a bit too much water. Still good though!

nuked carrots

Korean pork bone soup with added tofu

steamed yams and 1 korean vermicelli dumpling

Tomatoes and egg

We didn’t go to Ken’s parents place yesterday so that means we would go today. After finished with our lunch, Ken and I started our weekend chores: House cleaning, laundry etc. This time my brother actually helped, though I had to kind of nudge him as a reminder. Anyway, at least he was willing to help. Cleaning is not my hobby, I could tell you that. But I also dislike to see things get dirty and messy. But I always keep telling myself that the longer I procrastinate, the harder I will have to clean it. So might as well I do it more often and I can just roughly don’t have to work too hard to clean it. Ken just cleaned the vacuum cleaner’s filter (we have the bagless vacuum cleaner), so it was actually quite a workout to push that vacuum cleaner on the carpet. Talking about arm exercise there! Not to mention I have to vacuum the stairs as well! I got a good sweat from these activities so I decided to chill a bit and had some treats!

low fat yogurt with cocoa powder and 3 peanut wafers....YUM!

Mix and scoop- YUm. I was at my last wafer at this point.

fresh fruits: orange and peach - mainly these are the only fruits we have in our pantry. There's one big papaya but I didn't feel like cutting it

Of course I didn’t eat all those fruits to myself. Ken had some bites but had to set it aside for later because we were running late to go to his parents place for dinner. No pics, mainly just the typical Chinese food dishes: veggies stir fry with meat, pork bone soup, bunch other stir fry stuff and bought a peking duck. We also had stir fry noodles. I had some of it. Was good.

Back to the usual early morning workout again! I am finally at the last phase of my second round P90X, so I gotta bring it! Did lots of push ups, mainly on my toes and some on my knees. I wore my heart rate monitor just for the fun of it. Total calorie burned was only 150 cal! My average heart rate through the whole thing was only around 110-125 bpm. Ugh…another disappointment.

I was going to have my oatmeal bowl before went to work but I was in a time pinch and just grabbed whatever in the fridge. Amazingly, I still managed to cut orange and peach for my afternoon fruit snacks. None for Ken, cause he had to leave earlier than me. So today I had my breakfast at my desk.

Rudi's Organic Bakery Cinnamon Raisin. Yup I had 3 of these!!! 1 Slice was about 100 cal. Heck I ate more than what I burned this morning!!!

A banana for my late morning snack. Was hungry before my lunch time

Had this for lunch: sweet potatoes, yams, spinach and some steamed eggs

Dinner: Fresh sliced tomatoes, boiled gbeans, toasted ww pita bread topped with moz cheese and some steamed chicken meats

Those chicken meat was unseasoned! I didn’t put any salt, soy sauce, pepper, nothing, zero, nada. I just cut them into pieces and steamed them and ate it just like that. It still tasted good, especially for sandwich or “quick pizza toppings.”

Ok, let’s talk about life a bit.
I noticed after I started writing this blog, my life and food are pretty consistent from time to time. I am not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Of course it’s good that I have this consistent routine going on all the time so it becomes part of my life. To sum it up: get up early, workout, work, come back home, eat, sleep (for weekdays), and get up early, workout, come back home, house chores, go to in-law’s place, come back home, sleep (for weekends), rinse and repeat. When you look at it, it’s pretty much the same thing over and over again, without much change.

Yesterday on our way back from Ken’s parents place, we had a little talk about this in the car. Ken pretty much content with whatever we have right now because we have this consistent pace that we know what we’re getting ourselves into it. And he also added he knew that I don’t quite like it. It’s not that I don’t like it but I am worried if I’ll get tired of this routine then what will I do.

Before I started this P90X routine, our routine was mainly work and come home and sleep. Weekends mostly slept in and house chores, visiting in-laws, and sometimes went out. I used to play online games a lot, just sat in front of my computer, playing the whole weekend. Very unproductive, yes and that’s why I decided to do P90X routine. I know I wasn’t thinking of losing weight or getting rip or anything like that. I just want to move my body more, make me feel that I ACTUALLY do something, not just sit in front of computer all the time, even during weekends!

But after nearly 6 months in P90X routine, I wanted to get better in my performance. Before I had this heart rate monitor, I only based off on how I perform everytime I do the workout. I started the beach run last month and slowly developed my cardiovascular. Heck, I always thought I did running, in fact I only did jogging. After I got the heart rate monitor, I realized my endurance wasn’t as good as I thought. It was a bit disappointing in some ways, especially after all these times I thought I pushed myself hard enough which in fact I wasn’t.

Also, now I know how much calories I burned during my workout, I wonder what’s the point of these if I just eat it all back again? I burned 600 something calorie with 1 hour jogging but then I just ate it back with breakfast and lunch. This morning, I only burned about 150 calories and my breakfast alone already more than that. Calories in should be equal to calories out right if I want to maintain whatever I am now? I wonder if I started to have some kind of ED thought. *shudder* Hope not!

Sorry for my rant. I just want to write down whatever in my mind right now. Sometimes it does make me feel a bit better. Just a bit.

Again, hopefully I can win this $40 gift card giveaway.


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3 responses to “Sunday recap and thoughts

  1. King

    June 29, 2010 at 3:09 pm

    Go to this link:

    The study compared telomere length in runners vs non-runners, finding that runners have cells with longer telomeres. Longer telomeres mean molecular youthfulness because as cells age, our telomeres (the DNA at the ends of our chromosomes) get shorter. The theory is that if we can stop this telomere shortening, we can slow down the aging process. They showed that professional athletes who run 50 miles/week have telomeres the length of non-exercisers who are 10 years younger!

  2. King

    June 29, 2010 at 9:19 am

    “It is better to become slightly detached from our expectations and to pay more attention to the actions themselves” (by Desikachar)

    I am going to let this quotation speak by itself. I have nothing to add anymore.

  3. jqlee

    June 28, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    hey girl, i hope you dont get too caught up in the numbers, it is a VERY VERY dangerous game. if you are happy with how you are now, then be happy with it. if what you eat is everything you document here, it is indeed very very very clean. what i eat is seemingly clean but there are days where i eat a LOT of random CRAP that go undocumented. try to just stick with eating like a normal person, when you are hungry or if you really want that treat, have it and know that you are happy after you’ve had it. i wish i could have something so simple like that, “eat when you are hungry.”

    as for the garmin, keeping in the 160’s is GOOD!! that’s cardio level already. there is no need to STAY in the 170’s at all. people’s HR get that high when they do intervals. i doubt that people’s average pace for the whole run is that high. if they are, they have really really good cardiovascular health. now that you do have the garmin, you can work towards running faster so that’s a good start. you can work from your jog to a run. it takes time. trust me. i went from running 2 miles at a very slow pace to eventually being able to do 13. you’ll get there.

    enjoy that raisin bread. told ya it was really really good!


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