Family and I, GNU review

30 Jun

I finally took my time and called my mom earlier using Skype! Gosh I know I’m such a bad daughter not calling her for quite a while (last time she was here was around 3 months ago!!)….*sigh* Sometimes I think I am always got too caught up doing my own stuff and keep procrastinate calling her. Felt bad….in some ways. I am always amazed at some people who can call their parents and talk to them everyday. Seriously, what possibly can you talk to them on the phone if you call every single day? Sometimes I hesitate to call my mom because I feel like I have nothing to talk about. Yeah just going to work, come home have dinner, shower and sleep. So majority of the time, my mom talks more about her stuff. My Skype account balance was over, but that wasn’t an excuse for not calling her anytime soon. I’m telling myself that from now on I should AT LEAST call her once a week…or more if I can!

Ok, lets move onto the food part!
This morning, I made another bowl of oats, topped with pb, low fat plain yogurt and some strawberries!!

didn't bother to cut the strawberries in half...I was a bit rush this morning

Cut up fruits for my lunch snacks as well. I’m so glad finally I could have more varieties in there besides orange, peach and papaya.

I knew that the bowl of oatmeal won’t last me until lunch time, so I packed GNU Foods Orange Cranberry Bar as my late morning snack at work.

The first thing that I noticed when opening the package was the strong orange scent. It had a sweet smell, like those orange candy, however, the bar itself wasn’t that sweet! For non sweet tooth person like me, it was tolerable. The bar was a bit chewy but not dense. It was actually considered to be pretty light. I could even taste the wheat flakes and some raisin chunks in between. It had a slight bitter taste though, kind of the bitterness from a fresh squeezed orange juice. Overall, I love this bar, can’t wait to taste the other flavors! For more complete nutritional info, visit their site here.

So today my lunch was consisted of lots of veggies (similar to what I had from last night dinner) plus I brought my nutritional yeast as my dipping. It was super good! Just as an info, nutritional yeast has lots of vitamin B12, thus makes your urine color neon yellow – based on the information that I searched earlier. I was a bit worried when I saw that, thinking I didn’t drink enough water. Usually my urine was colorless because I could drink 8-10 12oz. of water. After I knew it was from the nutritional yeast, I eased up a bit. But I think I’ll go easy on that. Don’t want to overworked my kidney with overloaded vitamin B12 which my body won’t absorb all of it, thus ended up being wasted. That thing wasn’t cheap either!

I was quite full after lunch, even only managed finished one of my fruit snacks, didn’t eat my edamame and yogurt. So those ended up as my dinner, minus the yogurt, along with some boiled green beans and broccoli and 2 whole egg omelets.

For those who live away from their parents, how often do you talk to them? For me, I am trying at least calling once a week. My parents are all the way in Asia so time difference plays some part here. Sometimes I chat with them, mainly my dad, early morning before I go to work, or call my mom in the evening after dinner.


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5 responses to “Family and I, GNU review

  1. actorsdiet

    July 1, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    maybe once a week? usually on the weekends when we have free minutes.

  2. lisaou11

    July 1, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    I have actually never used skype. I’m so behind the times!

    As far as calling parents…

    lets see..

    my mom lives about 20 minutes away from me and I talk to her multiple times a day, but I also consider her a close friend so we talk about most anything.

    My dad lives about 8 hours away and I am not as close to him. That being said, I call about twice a week. We talk about the usual stuff—sports and work.

    I think calling once a week is great. But, if you don’t, that’s ok too. You have to focus on living your life.

  3. traynharder23

    July 1, 2010 at 9:41 am

    hey you! loved your opinion on opening up. it’s hard, and i think about that sometimes.

    a lot of the people i know don’t know EVERYTHING about me. i talk about fluff with them- you know, i can make them laugh, shit like that, but they go away from the conversation not learning anything about me.

    your blog is your blog- how open you are and how much you say is really up to you. i’m naturally kinda open, so i tell the shit how it happens. but sometimes i don’t mention a lot of stuff on there. you know? i take out full names of friends.

    and re: your calling parents. MY SISTER who lives in texas calls. eVERY day. MULTIPLE TIMES. and she talks exactly about what you were like “i don’ twanna talk about sleep, cook, eat, study”. she calls to say she got home. she calls to say she’s hungry and is fixing something. she tells me what she ate for lunch. it’s CRAZY.
    so it’s fine if you call once in a while. =D


    • Jos

      July 1, 2010 at 8:22 pm

      LOL…your sister is hilarious but I’m sure your mom is happy that she calls her a lot. My plan now is to at least call my mom once a week..even just for 5 minutes converastion…better than nothing, right? -hugs


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