Another day off tomorrow, GNU review and calorie intake thoughts

06 Jul

Today I thought would be another draggy day but turned out not really. Work wasn’t crazy busy, but more like an okay pace. Heck I even felt the day went by pretty fast. Probably because tomorrow I’ll have another day off? I had to take a day off tomorrow for lab appointment. I had to be fasting, so no drinking or eating 6 hours prior the exam! Gosh! I could handle hunger, but thirst??? That’ll be tough! The appointment is at 2:30 pm but I have to be there at 2:00 pm. Geez, that means I have to stop eating and drinking by 8 am!
*sigh* Also no exercise in the morning. Even though I have a day off, still can’t really sleep in either or else I can’t eat/drink anything until late afternoon!!

Anyway, after my morning workout, I was super hungry so I chugged down this homemade almond milk with 1 scoop of Designer’s Whey Chocolate Protein Powder. Gosh, I couldn’t remember the last time I had this protein drink. To be honest, I don’t really like the taste of protein drink and if you look at the ingredients closely, lots of weird stuff there. I rather get my protein from real foods.

red bean bread bun from Chinese bakery. so fluffy

Had this as my breakfast at work. The red bean was a bit sweet to my taste but thanks to my bitter green tea, it all balanced out. 😀

Unfortunately, that red bean bun didn’t hold my hunger until lunch time. I packed 2 slices ww homemade bread and had those topped w/ PB around late morning. Bad move! I was sooo full that I couldn’t even finish my lunch! 😦 I hate it when I wasn’t hungry at my usual meal time.

But I still could finish the fruits! papaya strawberry post lunch and orange peach w/ non fat yogurt as my late afternoon munchies

Btw, I kept forgetting to put my let me review GNU Foods Espresso Chip Bar that I tried last week.

This bar has a strong coffee flavor! I was expecting a semi sweet bar with a hint of coffee flavor, but that wasn’t the case. This bar is seriously for a coffee lover.  I am not quite a coffee drinker so this bar is a bit too strong for my taste. I was going to have it for my late afternoon snack, but after one bite, I decided to save it for the next day’s morning snack instead. I am quite sensitive to caffeine that I rather avoid having it in late afternoon or I’ll have trouble sleeping.

Lots of steamed veggies for dinner!

chinese veggies (Choy sum in Cantonese or chai sim in Mandarin)

steamed egg plant and carrot

nuked frozen edamame

baby carrots dipped with nutritional yeast


yogurt with lots of peaches and some vanilla ice cream

Remember the last post when I mentioned I wanted to gain more muscle weight? Well I’d say it’s not quite easy for me to increase my calorie intake. One thing is I can’t eat a lot of foods all at once and on the other hand, somewhere in the back of my mind, there’s still some “fear” that this extra calorie will backfire on me. I know I can always keep it off as long I keep working out regularly, but there’s still that “fear” that my workout can’t keep up with my calorie intake. Sorry, I know I’m not making that much sense, but that’s how I’m feeling now.

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