Fasting, hosptial, earthquake

07 Jul

Today was such a “torture” for me. Just imagine, I couldn’t eat and drink for 6 hours because I had a lab exam at the hospital in the afternoon. So in the morning, right after I got up, I chugged down these goodies into my belly before 8 am (the cut off time).

2 chinese bakery bread : polo pao (pineapple bun) and black sesame bun, whole wheat bread slices topped w/ pb and 2 egg omelet

Plus tons of water. This was my biggest breakfast ever. Surprisingly it hold me over until around 3-4 pm (after I was done with the lab exam).

The whole morning I didn’t do much, just sitting and browsing around in front of my computer…trying to conserve the energy here. Luckily the weather had been pretty chilly and overcast for this whole week so I wasn’t feeling thirsty either. But I had to resist a temptation to sip a cup of water. I always drink water every 10-15 minutes, regardless I am thirsty or not. It’s just my habit. So for not drinking water for straight 6 hours made me a bit cranky.

Our bar stools came today (yay)! Ken put them together and now they’re sitting nicely nearby our kitchen island.

we got 3 of these for $85 each. Not bad. The color matches our kitchen/living room area


Around noon, we headed to the hospital. The appointment was around 2:30pm but I had to be there at 2:00 pm for checking in.

got this wrist band and waiting for the nurse to call me up for the exam. I was super hungry and sleepy

The whole thing took about 1 hour. By the time I finished, immediately I drank the whole bottle of water we brought from home. Not that I was so thirsty, more like my throat and mouth were super dry! It was around 3:30pm and we knew we won’t have enough time to prepare food at home, so we decided to eat out.

but before we headed for our super late lunch/super early dinner, ken's car needed gas and we happened to pass by this gas station which had a decent pricing, IF you paid by cash/atm

We decided to go to this small Korean restaurant. We’ve been to this place couple times before. The food was pretty simple but good. It’s not your typical Korean restaurant, more like Korean fusion. The owner was the chef, waitress and busboy.

nice little cozy place. Lots of Korean movie image collage along the walls

can you name the movie by looking at the pictures?

nothing's better than looking at the picture menu! You'll know how the dishes look like!

Ken's dish: Tofu burger with rice and side of salad - was pretty good!

Mine: Spanish Paella which simply fried rice with seafood and chicken. I requested to be spicy and it was spicy! It was even spicier when I ate it hot! I had half of these and packed the rest of the rice for tomorrow's lunch šŸ˜€

Complementary salad - the dressing was so good...kinda sweet and sour...

another complementary side dish- mini Korean pancake

more banchan (Korean side dish) - cucumber, kimchi and seaweed

our usual drinks - plain water, no ice šŸ™‚

complementary dessert- chocolate vanilla ice cream. The lady was asking us if we wanted the ice cream or not. She said she thought we might not want it since we didn't even drink ice water..haha

After our super late lunch/super early dinner, we headed home and Ken finishing putting together the last bar stool (he finished 2 this morning before we went to the hospital). I on the other hand was preparing stuff for “dinner” and extra food for packing our lunch. Just the usual steam veggies and I made some baked chicken. Also had to bake another wheat bread. The last one I made was GONE already!

Since I couldn’t workout in the morning, I decided to do it before dinner, despite I still could “feel” the food in my stomach. Good thing today was Yoga, so it wasn’t too bad. Got my workout done, I still wasn’t hungry, but I knew I had to eat now or I’d suffer later tonight and couldn’t do my workout properly tomorrow morning.

orange, peach, steamed veggies, baby carrots and a piece of baked chicken....good dinner. Wasn't too heavy

Btw, for those who’s living in Southern California, did you feel the earthquake this afternoon around 4 pm? We were in the car waiting for the traffic light and I felt the ground was shaking. I thought might be because we were underneath the freeway bridge and there were big trucks passed by, but that wasn’t the case! Seriously, this year I felt the earthquake A LOT more often! Does this mean the end of the world is coming? I always think that I need to prepare an emergency kit, but HOW?? How am I supposed to know what and where I should pack? If I pack everything at home and when the earthquake happens and I am not at home, then it’s pointless.

Anyway, I don’t want to worry too much about it. If it has to happen then it happens. Nothing can stop mother nature.

I felt today I only had 3 big meals and no small meals in between. Kinda weird as I’m soo used to have small bites here and there so I don’t have to have big meal at once. Anyway, it’s getting late….NITE!


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3 responses to “Fasting, hosptial, earthquake

  1. squigglefloey

    July 8, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    Hey dear šŸ™‚
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your pics are beautiful, and I have a question — where do u get ur chinese bakery bread? It looks delicious.
    When I want yummy chinese treats, I generally go to Monterey park (city in southern cali) to get them…but they aren’t always fresh. Or I’m going to the wrong places.
    By the way, is Jos your whole name? First time I’ve heard of it, cute šŸ™‚


  2. traynharder23

    July 8, 2010 at 8:56 am

    one of the movies is princess hours. and the other is winter sonata. i am a bum.


    hahah i don’t know. J.C. said my legs are AWESOME. ahhaha

    go try yogurtland. it’s good! =D

    i love big breakfasts. except when they don’t hold you over. chinese bakery bread is ALWAYS good tho!

    this july weather SUCKS!


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