Needles, parking and food

08 Jul

It’s almost Friday again, yay! This short week felt really short for me, especially I took a day off yesterday for going to my appointment. Oh btw, today I had to go to a lab again (this time nearby my workplace) for a blood test. Seriously, when I went in, it didn’t take them that long to draw my blood into 3 tubes, so I seriously had no idea why there were at least 7 people before me in the waiting room.

waiting room - pic taken w/ my bb

I’d prefer to use my left arm for them to draw the blood, but from my previous experience, they seem couldn’t find my vein on there (“your vein is too small”) so I just wanted to avoid being poked couple times with the needle and just used my right arm, which for sure they could see the vein right away!
Good thing the lab was really close by my workplace so I could just sneak out stepped out for a bit and came back on time and still got parking.

Oh a little bit about parking situation at my workplace, it’s super HORRIBLE! We have more employees than the building can accommodate. When I first started working there, you had to come before certain time to get parking space, otherwise, you ended up parkingĀ  illegally on the red zone. It went fine for a bit, but then when the fire department found out, it wasn’t pretty. So the solution was? They made the warehouse people to park at the other office parking space and they took the company shuttle to come to our building. It got a little better, but I still prefer to come way earlier than my usual work time. Other than get a better parking space, I can avoid congested traffic and stupid bad drivers. Score that!

Ok enough talk about work, onto the foods

btw this was my post workout drink - almond milk w/ chocolate whey protein powder - ugh..I miss my oatmeal

homemade whole wheat bread..toasted and then topped on pb (after this pic was taken)

Lunch as usual whatever left over from last night dinner and 2 servings of fruits (orange and peach combo) plus a cup of low fat yogurt.

nice veggie plate for my dinner

topped with nutritional yeast

plus edamame

had only 1/2 of one of the yams...was kinda full already

Munched some of the seed crackers that I made last time (I think I had at least 2-3 pieces of those…man so addicting!)

Ok not much for me to say for today, but here are some questions for you (if I actually have anyone read this haha)

Are you scared of needles? Do you dare to look at the needle being poke into your arms during blood drawing?
I am actually ok with it. Heck I even looked at the needle being poked into my arm today and if the person is good enough, it shouldn’t hurt at all (well maybe just a little bit). There was only one time that it actually hurt so badly! The person who drew my blood poked the needle a bit too deep. My arm got swollen for a couple days. Not a pretty sigh.

At a job interview, what kind of unusual question you’d ask?
I’ll definitely ask: “How’s the parking situation?” or “Do we have enough parking space for every employee?”


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2 responses to “Needles, parking and food

  1. traynharder23

    July 9, 2010 at 4:49 am

    OMG i’d ask about parking TOO!!!!!!!!

    i hate getting needles poked into me! EW!

    once i had to get blood drawn…and they stuck one arm…and the vein got blocked. so they had to draw more from the other arm. i walked out with two bandages. SUCKED!


  2. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    July 8, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    I have veins that roll. They get touched by a needle and they roll away. So, i get the pleasure of being stuck many times for a blood draw. Oh the joy!


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