Kabocha wrestling, steak, non medical bodyache remedy

10 Jul

How’s everyone’s Saturday going?

We started with our early morning beach jog, though we had hard time getting up and get ready. I finally found a way to wear my chest strap heart rate monitor correctly so I didn’t end up with that sucker slipping down when I ran nor that ugly painful red blister across my chest.

carby bomb bfast after the run...haha...shared these w/ hub of course. - I had 2 slices ww bread topped w/ pb and half of that braided cheese croissant

I spent the whole morning and early afternoon alone cause Ken had to go to his brother’s place to help him out with his house project again. Too bad he had to miss this super juicy steak that I made this afternoon. I am not a big fan of meat but once a while I do love to have a good piece of steak.

this tastes good right after cooking it. Will be extra rubbery the next day after reheated. Btw these are well done (I don't do medium rare whatsoever), but still tender and juicy. Some tricks needed to accomplish that! 😀

Oh I also had kabocha on the side. Speaking of which, I always have a hard time cutting kabocha. That little guy has such a thick skin. So I prepared the “weapons” to cut that little fella.

butcher knife and a hammer!

Cut and peeled with the peeler..ready to be steamed!

1/2 kabocha..yummy! I think I ate about 2-3 pieces of these

fresh romaine lettuce with baby carrots..can't go wrong with those!

steak and kabocha pieces on the side - I'd be lying if I said this is how much I ate. I had another 1/2 piece of steak after this pic and more kabocha of course

look at the size comparison between the veggies and the meat.

After that super lunch, I felt I had so much energy so I immediately did the usual house chores (cleaning the windows, furniture etc) for the whole house and done in about 1 hour! Yay me! Since I always clean it every week, there’s no need to be super detail. Besides after finishing the first floor, the water wasn’t even that dirty, proving that our place is still pretty clean. But I’m skeptical and I always think there’s always dust anytime, anywhere. You just don’t see it.

finally more fruit variety other than orange and peach!

Ken came back mid afternoon because we’re going out for a dinner with my friends to celebrate M’s birthday. He mentioned that his brother actually didn’t need anymore help for his house. Instead it was more like a little “housewarming”. He said it was actually a good thing I didn’t go because most of the foods were not something that I’d like (fried egg rolls, roasted duck, noodles, soy sauce chicken and no veggies). I think I still prefer my lunch earlier 😀 Especially tonight we’ll be going out of dinner at a Chinese restaurant, so most of the foods will be pretty greasy sodium loaded and carby. At least I already had one big super healthy meal for the day.
Btw, do you know what’s the non medical body ache remedy? My brother has been complaining his neck is aching endlessly but didn’t want to keep taking Tylenol nor any medicines. The solution? Very simple. All you need is a hot medicated ointment or oil, like this


We have this

A coin (at least a quarter or bigger. The bigger the better)

Apply the medicated oil/ointment on the desired place (in this case is the back of the neck). Rub the area in one direction (vertical) using the coin. It’ll be pinkish at first and then bright red spots will appear. Usually when you catch a cold or have body aching, the bright red spots will appear a lot more and darker.

Hope this doesn’t scare you away!


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4 responses to “Kabocha wrestling, steak, non medical bodyache remedy

  1. Protein Foods

    July 23, 2010 at 4:16 am

    So why the rash? This is caused by getting a cold?
    Your lunch did look good.

  2. squigglefloey

    July 12, 2010 at 5:37 pm

    Ahhh I hope your rash gets better. And since it’s Monday, hopefully you’re feeling better by now!
    I’ve never tried kabocha … looks really delish though, and more dense than watermelon. I’ve been craving strawberries since the weather’s been getting warmer though…and grapes…actually, all fruits -__-


  3. traynharder23

    July 12, 2010 at 8:30 am

    those spots look SCARY!!!! =/

    re: almond butter- i drain off a lot of the oil coz it’s not really needed. PROBLEM SOLVED! =D

    yes, that guy is J.C

    i got up that early because ..I DON”T KNOW! couldn’t sleep. sucks, right?



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