What did / do I miss?

23 Sep

I miss my intense workout
Not sure if I mentioned this before but my lower back pain is getting a little better, thanks to daily yoga and stretches. I have to abstain from any intense workout, and that means no running/jogging/weight lifting/burpees/jumping rope etc. My workout activities have been reduced to Yoga and bunch of crunches for the past 2 weeks. Seriously, the idea of not working out just drive me crazy. It’s so weird for me to even say this, especially in the past I wasn’t fitness enthusiast at all.

Now that my back is getting much better, I already tempted to do more intense workout and have to really stop myself not to push it too hard or else I’ll be in more pain. *sigh*

And not to mention my left knee started to bug me since couple days ago. Every time I squat down and get up, it’ll make weird cracking/popping noise. Scaryyyy!!!!! Gosh, am I getting bad karma because my discontent of my bro’s illness?? 😦

I missed the biggest full moon of the year
Yesterday was the Mid Autumn Mooncake festival. It was said that last night was the biggest full moon of the year. Anyone caught the big full moon? I missed it!! 😦 My hubby went to his parents place for a dinner and came back with this:

When I was little I used to like this mooncake, little I knew what are these made from: lots of sugar and lard! Now that I know what are those made from, I go easy on it. I don’t have sweet tooth to begin with so I know I won’t binge on it. Just a thin slice for a taste is good enough 🙂
I heard that they make vegetarian version of this but I haven’t gave them a try. It might still be too sweet to my taste.

I miss my desktop computer
Ever since my parents taking over our computer room, I haven’t been able to go online freely every night. Thus I can’t update my blog as regularly as before nor I can read other’s blogs as often. I do have a laptop but our home wireless connection always drops and have to reboot the router numerous times. Not to mention I don’t have much privacy browsing around my laptop in the dining room. Occasionally, my parents (my dad especially) always glancing looking at my laptop screen to see what I’m doing…that sort of annoying….make me feel like I’m a grade school kid (no offense). I don’t have extra table in my master bedroom and it hurts my lower back even more by sitting on the floor too long. Not to mention I hate using the track pad.

I miss our weekend ritual
When was the last time my hubby and I go for the beach run? It’s been months and I feel like I’ve lost all of my running endurance that I accomplished couple months ago. I’m sure my hubby, K also missed it. I hate running outside our compound. Running in circle is not my favorite. It’s boring, tedious as hell and not to mention have to watch out for the cars. Treadmill is the worst – no offense to the treadmill lovers.

I missed posting the giveaway
Maybe I was secretly wish to reduce my competitors? 😛 Anyway go here for PureBar giveaway!

On a little lighter side, I scored this bath robe at CVS Pharmacy!

I don't particularly choose white as my wardrobe because it gets dirty very easily. But they only had pink and lime green which are not my favorite either. No baby blue 😦 Oh well, I can live with white.

$9.99 regular price, save $2 with CVS Pharmacy card = $7.99 + tax = $8.77. Not a bad deal! I totally love this deal!

Question of the day: What do / did you miss?


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3 responses to “What did / do I miss?

  1. (M.S.)^2

    September 23, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    You missed our blog! Come check it out! 😉 (I think I emailed it to you, but in case I didn’t)

    I’m glad you’re feeling better; hey! Missing exercise is saying that it’s a part of your life now! 😀 After everything’s over, you’ll be able to exercise like you did before 😉

    I thought the moon was pretty last night, but I didn’t know it was the biggest! It’s okay, I didn’t know either, and I only saw it for about 2 seconds, so I technically “missed” it too.

    Ooh, nice deal on the kimono robe! Is it comfy??

    I hope you’ll get time to be on here!

  2. Ameena

    September 23, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    I’m sorry to hear about your back issues! I know that yoga has helped me quite a bit with mine but you definitely shouldn’t push it. You may only delay things further!

    I miss peace and quiet. And being able to talk on the phone or to my husband without 20 interruptions.


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