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The sun finally showed up, TB skin test, what’s in your drawer?

Hmm….I don’t like pumpkin nor pumpkin spice that much and yet I added pumpkin into my bowl of oats to welcome the Fall weather.

Have you sick and tired hearing me not having sweet tooth? One day I snapped my work drawer and I realized I have so many sweet snacks! Hmmm……

trail mix, brown rice cracker, Zicam cold remedy raspberry chewable, Quaker True Delight, green tea bags, Quadratini Espresso Bite size chocolate wafer, Sucrets herbal, GNU Lemon Ginger bar, and Prana bar.

The only thing I got addicted here is the Quadratini Espresso bite size chocolate wafer. It’s the only snack that’s not too sweet and I do love wafer when I was a kid.

I was so happy when I found this at an Asian market. It’s not about the taste but it’s about reliving my childhood by having it.

And for the rest of it, they’re basically just sitting in my work drawer nicely until there was a time I got trapped in the building and for sure I won’t be starving to death.

Another interesting found at Asian market is these babies:

Do you know what are these? According to the sign, they’re Thai Eggplants. Look cute!

One of my colleagues brought a box of homemade egg rolls.

Total 10 pieces to be shared with colleague in my work room. I swear I didn’t have ANY. But those smell good and greasy for sure.

My old self would devour these bad boys but now I know better. After not having any deep fried stuff for a while, I have better control. I won’t lie that I was still tempted to have a bite, but in the end I didn’t. Yay to me!

Part of it maybe thanks to K making me this yummy turkey and egg sandwich with toasted whole wheat bread for my b-fast.

Some good news: my bro’s fever FINALLY stabilized! He’s not reaching to 100sF anymore, 99 tops! And his medication has been reduced to 4! No more daily chauffeuring him to the clinic, no more long lunches for K and I, no more hassles. Yay!

And since I’m living with a person with an active TB, I had to be tested as well. The first test I was negative and after 8 weeks, I have to repeat the test as well. The result? I’M STILL NEGATIVE, so case closed! I am not infected with TB at all. Yay to that!

right after the injection, a little blood but not hurt at all

The skin test was read within 48-72 hours. Mine showed no reaction, meaning I don’t have any TB germs in my body.

Two more things to be Yay-ed (is that even a word)
We FINALLY got a decent looking with reasonable price kitchen rugs!

$10 each, we got 4 so total we spent $40. A nice looking kitchen rug usually cost $50 or more! Machine wash friendly as well!

$5 for 2 Kashi cereal box? I’ll take those!

Got these at Fresh and Easy. Usually Kashi cereal cost at least $3. Good toppings for my yogurt

I am not sure how many people in my complex have kids, but we’re prepared with some candies for Trick n Treats this coming Sunday.

Chocolate to be exact. And these are considered to be good Halloween candies. better than those straight sugar candies. The thing is if nobody showed up at our front door, at least we still can eat those (excluding me)..maybe K and my bro will have some 😛

Have a good Halloween weekend for those who celebrating and have a safe Trick n Treating 😀


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Rainy days, I heart plantain chips and free lunch at Chipotle

After I posted a quite not so nice post last time, I think it’s time to lighten up the mood a bit, shall we (as usual THANKS for the great comments btw)? Despite the rainy days in LA lately, this week has gone pretty well for me.

I know some people don’t like rain and cloudy days as much, but for me I enjoy it *cough* *cough* as long I don’t have to drive in the rain *cough* *cough*

The best part of cold weather, I enjoy having this warm chocolate almond milk early morning before work.

A nice dinner at my in-law place on Sunday night.

spring rolls, bbq duck, deep fried stuff, veggies and shrimp cold dishes and fish noodles (unpictured)

But not so good part of cold weather, I got hungrier than usual.

I’ve been snacking on the trail mix lately (a handful a day for portion control) plus unpictured apples

Ever since Ameena mentioned about TJ’s Plantain chips on one of my post, I’ve been craving for those, but never got time to go to TJ to get it. However, I remembered my mom mentioned she wanted me to get more boneless chicken breasts meat and Fresh & Easy was having a sale on it. The best part is, it’s on my way home.

And when I was shopping for the chicken, I saw they had samples of plantain chips. I tried it and instantly I grabbed a bag!

It’s roasted to crisps and lightly salted. Purrfect!

Ingredients: plantains, sunflower oil and salt – simple ingredients!

Looks like potato chips eh? First time I heard it, I wasn’t sure what they were made of until Ameena mentioned it’s banana.

I’m hooked!

Savory and crispy snacks are my BIGGEST WEAKNESS! I tried so hard not to exceed a handful of those chips a day, or I’ll pay a price for it!  I’m pretty sensitive to any deep fried/crispy/roasted/baked stuff. If I had too much of those I will get either canker sore, sore throat or pimples. YIKES!

Another big highlight was my company had some kind of deal with Chipotle to offer their employees a free lunch if we go there today and showed them our employee badge. WOOT!
My only question was why they didn’t pick the one nearby our office? We had to go to the other Chipotle that was at least 15 minute drive on the freeway. Oh well, who cares. At least I got my free lunch today.

I got Chipotle chicken salad.

In the mix: romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, black beans, mild salsa, and corn. I requested no guacamole, sour cream and cheese. I am not a big fan of those anyway.

Sorry for the crappy pic. I took it using my old Crackberry so won’t attract too much attention from my co worker.

Tummy happy, I’m happy.

Questions of the day:
1. What are your favorite snacks? Savory or sweet?

2. What’s your favorite munchies in cold and rainy weather?

3. Rainy and cold weather or sunny, hot and humid weather?

Even though I grew up in a tropical and humid country, I prefer cold and rainy weather. There’s something about cloudy weather that just calms me down. If I fee cold I always can wear more clothing, but if I’m hot, I can’t do anything besides just sit there and not moving.


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New and improved juicer, a little binge and accepting hand-me-down goodies

First of all, I enjoyed reading everyone’s comment on my last post regarding how formal/strict/rules to address your elders in your cultures. Sometimes it can get tricky (especially in Asian/Eastern cultures) and a little daunting. But since it’s part of the cultures, we just have to roll with it, right?

Ok moving on…

It’s pretty tough for me to find sometime for myself to just sit down and write a post without being interrupted. Good thing is I still can read other blogs from my Crackberry but sadly is I can’t really comment on it right away, though I really really want to. Reading other blogs makes me want to update mine as often as possible as well. But oh well it’s not the quantity matters but quality, right?

So I’ll try to write more stuff in sporadic short posts instead of uninspired daily posts.

Just a little recap here.

Last week our So Cal weather was gloomy and cold, indicating Fall weather is almost here. But that’s not the case. It’s been pretty sunny and quite warm..again. I guess the weather pattern will be hot and cold simultaneously until it’s settled around early November, where it’ll be completely cooling down. And did I mention that we’ve been battling ants in our kitchen until last week?

ant bait – lets see if it actually works – up to this point we haven’t seen any ants around anymore

And I haven’t been very good packing my foods during daytime. Usually I packed 2 containers of fruits so it’ll sustain my hunger until dinner time. Good thing is I stashed my work drawer with these snack bars

Wow haven’t had these for a while. Personally I prefer whole foods instead of snack bar/energy bar/protein bar/whatever bar you call it (homemade bar is the only exception since I know what I put in there 😉 – I tried making it but didn’t turn out as good yet….gotta experiment on it more!)

Most of the bars are on the sweet sides and I am not too much of sweet tooth, so my savory cravings kick in! I crave for chips!! Potato chips/corn chips/whatever chips! I’ve been eyeing on this Popchip on the vending machine at work for a looong time and I usually shrugged it off and not getting it.

Until this day:

I lost the battle

Finished this whole bag…good thing only 100 calories pack and I only had one bag! Didn’t go back and get another one…a small bag for $1 is quite very pricey!

After haven’t chips for a long time, it actually tasted pretty good but very salty for my taste. I’ve never known that chips can be that salty. It might be because it was BBQ flavor. I usually opt to original flavor because you can’t go wrong wit that. But between BBQ and Sour Cream Onion flavors (the only choices I had), I opt to BBQ one.

I thought I’d binge or felt like crap after having that bag of chips but I didn’t. I also didn’t go crazy on my workout after I got home did a sweaty yoga count and an interval workout on Saturday morning.

A little update on my brother’s condition: fever is not as high but not completely gone yet. Doctors adding more medications but he’s ordering him to stop it for 2 days (Sunday and Monday) to see if his fever is from his allergic reaction to one of the drugs (he’s currently taking 6 drugs (5 tablets – 1 injection). I don’t want to say his condition is getting a lot better…YET, but he looks more energetic than before. At least he’s not sleeping for the whole day or look weak or having hard time to breathe after walking up the stairs. So the juice does help?

My parents insisted getting a bigger juicer so we’ll get more juice and dryer pulps.


It’s said this brand is the FIRST one that came up with this juice extractor. Unlike the small one we got, you don’t have to peel any fruits on this one. The RPM is much higher and the construction is much better. It’s bigger, a little heavier than the one we have. We just got it yesterday at KOHL’S and after giving out my hubbys’ info applying for its credit card so we can take advantage of the 20% discount and additional $10 off coupon, this juicer came down to $93.00 something from $116…and yes that was the price after the tax as well. Not bad.

We also made these steamed buns!

Chocolate and red bean (the plain looking top) filled steamed buns.

Since I was running low on white sugar, I used brown sugar instead, hence resulting a yellowish looking steamed buns instead of white..haha! Who cares..they still edible, taste great and dairy free as well!
I modified my bread recipe for this. So instead of baking it, I steamed it. Easy huh?

The only thing is you need a giant steamer like this


Questions of the day:
Do you usually write a draft for your blog posts or do you usually write it and publish it right away?

I prefer writing a post spontaneously and publish it right away. But lately it’s been pretty hard for me to find a time to actually do that so I’ve been writing a draft at “odd times.” If I don’t publish the finished draft on the same day, it might get unpublished ever since after days go by, the post becomes irrelevant. Sort of kinda a waste, I know.

Do you like to accept hand-me-down stuff from your relatives, when you know it’s useful but NOT that useful at the same time? Not to mention that person who loves giving out stuff is known having way TOO MANY stuff in the house/garage?

One of my relative is famous with that. She’s been giving me lots of her stuff like a pyrex container without any lid, a small electric steamer which can’t fit any of my single serving bowls and wooden bed frames which so complicated to put together that it just ended up in my garage, occupying the space. I know she has good intention, but at the same time I am not appreciating her passing on her junks older stuff to me just because I just moved to this new house. Just because I have more garage/storage space than her DOESN’T MEAN it HAS to be filled up!

Have you had any steamed buns before?

Whew, this turned out to be such a long post! Hope you enjoy reading it! 😀 Laters, peeps!


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Working like a machine, how to greet your elders

Usually Monday is not the busiest day for me but today I felt like I’m working non-stop. Part of it because I took off a bit early on Friday to take my bro to the clinic for the injection.
So Cal weather finally starts indicating that Fall season is here. I drove in the drizzle and cloud this morning.
The best part of my commute is I don’t have to take freeway to get stuck in the daily traffic. LA is the worst traffic freeway, I tell ya.

The best part of my commute is to pass this hill daily and enjoying the view of the luxury houses on the hills 🙂

Some food pics – not all from today but mostly are.

Nothing beats homemade whole wheat toast topped with natural strawberry jam and pair up with unpictured hot green tea 😀

Lots of fruits. And I had an apple in addition to these

watermelon in this chilly weather? Well someone gotta finish's super juicy and sweeeeeeeeeet!

More fruits!

So today I was working like a machine at work. What can I do when I have 30+ projects line up for this week. Pretty much after I finished with each project, I hit “send” and moved on to the next one and so on. Totally like a production machine, I tell ya. Not complaining. In some ways it helps to pass the time faster. Without me realizing, it was already lunch time, and mid break time and finally time to go home! All I need is a full concentration. Once my concentration disturbed, I’ll be dragging everything.

Question of the day: How do you usually greet your elder (be that your parents, aunts, grandparents, in-laws etc?

Sound like a weird question, but in Asian tradition when I come home or leaving the house I’m supposed to greet or say bye to the parents. Not just simply say “I’m leaving, bye” but you have to say “Mom/Dad, I’m leaving, bye, or “Hi Mom or Hi dad” when I get home. Same thing if aunts or uncles coming over to my place, I have to greet them like “Hi Uncle A/ Hi Aunt C” etc. And to my hubby’s parents (parents in law?) I can’t call their names, instead I call them “Mom” and “Dad” as well. The other options is to call them as “Mom-in law” or “Father-in law” (in Chinese of course since they don’t speak any English) but those words are too hard for me to pronounce so simply calling them “Mom” and “Dad” is way easier 😀

It’s simply considered to be inappropriate if I didn’t call out their “name” (mom, dad, uncle, aunt etc) and just simply say hi or bye or just smile and nod.

So I’d like to know if this manner also applies to other cultures or only in Asians?

I’d love to hear all your opinions! 😀


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A quick post before bed

Uuhm…anyone here? I’d like to do a quick post before going to bed.

First of all I just realized my last post was a bit too harsh and shocking and I’d like to apologize for that. I know this blog is my place and my rule, but sometimes I think it’s better to word some stuff a little differently. Hopefully I didn’t scare anyone off :p

Hmm….I just realized that the “negative post” wasn’t published. Instead it is still in the draft mode.LOL…no wonder I didn’t get new comments..thinking I already scared off my readers with my negative post. Oh well…in some ways I’m glad I didn’t post it.

To recap my weekend, seems like my bro condition gets better after he got 2 additional medication. But I don’t want to be too hopeful with it yet. I want to give at least one week to see the progress. If his fever is not getting that high for the next 7 days, then it’s safe to say he’s definitely shows more progress.

Fingers crossed.

It’s Sunday night…and tomorrow back to work..ugh..

30 projects to finish….this week..ugh..

*sigh* I can’t wait for another weekend to come..

Question of the day: Do you let people that you know in person about your blog? If you do, why? If not, why?

Personally for me, I tend not to let people that I know in person (hubby is the only exception) know about my blog. For some reason, I’m sort of “scared” that they’ll see me and judging me differently from what they’ve known me. I know some of my friends know about the blog because my hubby blurted out about me being a food blogger. Well I used to be a food blogger or intended to be, until I reached to the point that blogging solely about food is not as interesting as blogging about my life and thoughts. Also blogging about my thoughts make my blogging world more interesting. I can talk about myself more and my readers will get to know me more. Since the readers didn’t know me in person before, they won’t have a pre-perception about me – at least that’s what I think.

Sorry for the pictureless post…hope you don’t mind 🙂


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