Where did my weekend go?

16 Jan’s already Sunday night? Where did my weekend go?

And lucky for those who has a day off tomorrow (Martin Luther King Day for those in the US). On the brighter side, it’ll be a better commute for me..hehe 😀 Gotta cheer myself up a bit to prepare for another week.

Thanks for the comments on my last post regarding laser eye surgery. It surely was the highlight of my day reading your thoughts about it! 😀

Yesterday’s optometrist trip was a success! My prescription remained the same! WOOT!

With insurance, I only ended up spending $30 for eye exam, prescription for contacts and glasses and 1 full year supply of contact lens. K, on the other hand had to spend about $300 because he had to order a new frame. His prescription changed was lower instead of higher. He wasn’t quite happy about it and decided to look for another optometrist next year.

Afterward we went to TJ which was located right around the corner and I picked up a bag of organic apples.

I know apple is one of the “Dirty Dozen” list but I’ve never bothered buying organic. But after I started going Primal/Paleo, I’m start thinking of getting “Dirty Dozen” produce organic. When K heard that, he just rolled his eyes and said that our grocery bills will be much higher.

After spending about an hour at the optometrist and another half hour at TJ, we decided to eat out for lunch. We went to Mughal Halal Tandoori Restaurant for an afternoon buffet.

The restaurant was not that big and there was a party going on at the other side of the room. The food was good, though not much selection. But for us who are not that familiar with Indian cuisine, having a buffet is a good way to try different dishes. Besides, they also offered Chinese food (egg fried rice, stir fry veggies).

An Indian restaurant wasn’t complete without its naan bread (garlic and plain) 😀

soo soft and so good when dipped in the curry sauce. I had a little piece of these, despite it's totally not Primal/Paleo - gluten

My shares:

I’m completely aware that when eating out, it’s pretty hard to determine whether the food meets primal/paleo standard. But I won’t stress out too much about it.

K’s shares (and I nibbled on it a bit- the Chicken Biryani Rice was good…had a spoonful of it)

With Groupon, we ended up only with $1.90 something bill for total (my Groupon worth $20 and I only paid $10 to buy it). Of course we tipped them from the pre-discounted amount. The waiter must be super busy that he mistakenly took our $10 bill as $20. So we got a lot more change than it was supposed to be. We are honest people so we just left the extras. 😀

Whew, I was stuffed from the lunch and even skipped dinner – I didn’t go to my in-law’s place because I figured I wouldn’t be able to eat anything anyway. Besides I was so dead tired, not sure why…maybe I was wiped out by my morning workout.

But I certainly can’t wait to taste this Dragon Fruit 😀

Have you had dragon fruit before?

Organic or conventional produce? Thoughts?
I do worry about pesticides from the “Dirty Dozen” produce, but at the same time how do we know that the organic ones are pesticide free? One could argue that it’s just some marketing gimmicks to trick people to spend more money for their produce.

Have a good night!


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5 responses to “Where did my weekend go?

  1. dianacheung

    January 22, 2011 at 7:03 am

    omg. i heart indian food. so jealous!! anyways, sorry the dragon fruit wasn’t as good as you thought. Either way, I try to buy organic but at the end of the day it’s way too expensive…i try to buy organic apples though!!

    • Jos

      January 22, 2011 at 10:49 am

      Can’t agree more! I try to get organic apples as well…they’re sweeter but not good for my wallet if I do it too often

  2. lele

    January 17, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    your pictures are making me crave indian food like no other! Dragon fruits too! I haven’t had it in forever. They have such a nice and subtle flavor, hmmmm….
    Great eats!


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