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Dragon Fruit

How’s everyone’s Monday? For those who got a day off today, nice and I’m envious of you…hehe.

Southern California is pretty warm today (78-80°F) – Spring in January?

Not much happened today except I had to leave extra early from home to get in the line in front of the lab for blood draw. They opened at 7:30am but when I got there around 7:15, I was the fifth person already. But at least I only waited around 20 minutes and I was done! Good thing the lab is located close to my workplace.

This blood test will be for one of my doctor’s appointment this coming Friday (one of those three that I made 2 weeks ago).

And I’ll have another blood test on Friday, with another doctor. That one will require me to fast 8 hour before. Woohoo…another needles! *pun intended*

But not this morning.

Full of fiber, healthy fats and protein – kept me full until lunch time.

Not much going on today.

We got a new person transferred from another department at work into ours. Apparently we need to train her…*sigh* Seriously, if she was brought to help our workload, why they had to get someone that DOESN’T KNOW how to do the basics?

It’s pretty annoying how it works. A new hire, you train them and in the end that person become your manager. What kind of work ethic is that?

Sadly, that’s how it is in the work reality. “It’s NOT what YOU KNOW, but it’s WHO YOU KNOW”.

Anyway, I got to devour the dragon fruit that I got couple days ago.

I was expecting it to taste like kiwi but for some reason it was kinda bland. Just has a little hint of sweetness and refreshing. No sour taste either. Maybe I didn’t pick the good one?


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