Expect the Unexpected

31 Mar

I am such a bum today. First, my body just refused to workout this morning, even though I was wide awake from my morning alarm. Okay, I thought I’ll just do it after I got home. Nope it didn’t happen. In the end I didn’t workout at all.

But it’s ok. I’ll take today as my rest day.

Despite not working out in the morning, I still couldn’t contain my macadamia nuts mindless snacking after lunch. What’s wrong with my appetite lately? And I think I really should control my nuts intake as I could feel a little bump above my mouth – you know underneath the skin pimple? I couldn’t see it but it hurts when I press it..YIKES!

Got home, I was excited to make Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet for dinner. It didn’t turn out so great, so I’m not bother to post the recipe, but here are the visual cues if you’re curious.

I had to break my own principle here for not using any additional sweetener unless from fresh fruits. The dish was so bland, probably for the lack of carrots which I didn’t have on hand so I had to add some raw honey to balance the sourness of the lemon juice and tomatoes. Plus the fish fillets released so much liquid, combined that with the lemon juice and the tomatoes, the dish turned out super watery!

Presentation-wise: not so appealing huh? Taste-wise: it wasn’t not bad actually. K really likes it and he wonder why I called this dish as a failure. Oh well, I could be a little too hard on myself.

Dinner: Sweet and Sour flaky fish fillet with steamed Chinese veggies and a bit of Scramble Egg with Green Beans and Sausage.

Do you know that I had at least 2 servings of what’s in the picture? (Sounds like I’m a gluttony here). And I also eat my dinner using my pyrex lunch container so I don’t have to wash extra dishes after dinner. Lazy much? Hey, I’m all about shortcut and dish washing is not my favorite chores (well since when I like chores anyway?) Good thing hubby doesn’t mind washing dishes. Ha!

Today’s weather WAS HOT (upper 80s and lower 90s here!) and the forecast said it’ll be super warm this weekend. Call me a wimp, but I had to turn on my AC today or else I’d have hard time sleeping at night. Stuffy room is the worst!

Have a good night! Watch out for the April Fool’s Jokes tomorrow! 😀

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