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Foolish Day

Happy April Fools Day! Did you get fooled or did you fool anyone?

I got FOOLED by my gyno’s computer system.

I wasted my time coming for today’s appointment, ONLY to find out that it’s not the right time. Apparently the computer system alerted me last week that I need to reschedule my appointment. So I called in and did it. Little did I know that I wasn’t supposed to reschedule EARLIER than the original date. DOH~

Oh well….that kinda upsetting me in some ways.

To mend my frustration To stick on my schedule, I went to Henry’s Market to stash up some groceries.

97 cents for each avocado – NICE
2 for $5 for blueberries (6 oz container) – not bad, kinda craving for it..and they’re organic as well
Grass fed ground beef ($6.99/lbs) – alrite

And I scored BIG on this pineapple – 97 CENTS EACH! BIG ONE!

Got this butternut squash for 77 cents/lbs and it’s even bigger than my head!

Apparently, the April Fools still didn’t want to leave me alone but this time I didn’t fall for it. I saw the yams were on sale for 88 cents/lbs, but at the cashier, I noticed I was charged 99 cents/lbs instead. Good thing I caught it and the cashier mentioned that was the sale sign from Wednesday and apparently they forgot to take it down. But in the end, they still gave me 88 cents/lbs.

The lady behind me said how nice the cashier to still honor me that price. I was biting my tongue not to tell her to start paying more attention to her prices.

Now I don’t feel so bad for snacking on the banana chips while I was roaming around in the store!

Yup, I took a whole bag, then munching on them while shopping – cheating much ?-cause technically I HAVEN’T PAID for those while still in the market, right?

Got home, and I did a second workout of the day! This is NOT A JOKE. I usually just did one workout per day and be done. But since yesterday I skipped, I did yesterday’s workout this morning. Now I’m back on track on the schedule. This always makes me feel good 🙂

And since I was snacking way too much banana chips, I didn’t get to eat dinner until almost 9pm.

Although I wasn’t quite hungry but I couldn’t resist to consume almost 1/4 of the One Ingredient Steamed Whole Chicken.

So there you go, that’s my day on April Fools Day. One thing I’m proud of is that I caught that price mistake right in front of me. I don’t mean to be bragging (or maybe I am already) but I ALWAYS KNOW when the cashier didn’t punch in the right price. I can remember how much every single item in my cart cost. I might not remember it on top of my head (or actually maybe I do) but when I see it on the screen, I will know exactly if the price doesn’t match with the sign. Call me a grocery nerd, but after being almost scammed three to four times in the past, I suddenly developed a super brain for memorizing grocery charges. Ha!

So start paying more attention to your receipts! It won’t hurt, I promise! 😀

Have a great weekend!


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One Ingredient Steamed Whole Chicken

This is the EASIEST, SIMPLEST chicken dish ever and it can’t be more Paleo than this!

1 whole fresh free range chicken (in Chinese it’s called 黃毛土雞 – lit. translated Yellow feather dirt chicken)

1. Rub the entire chicken (even inside the cavity) liberally with salt. Basically the salt is used to bring up the chicken taste more. Use your own judgement on how much salt you’re using. Tuck the feet into the cavity. Marinate for at least 4 hours or overnight for best taste.

2. Steam on high heat for about 40-45 minutes or until done.

Is it weird to cook the ENTIRE chicken (including the neck, head and the feet as well?)

The chicken yielded some stock – reserve it, skim off the fat when it’s cold and use it for chicken stock. Just make sure to add more water because it’s pretty salty!

Cut up the chicken and there you go!

This chicken taste/meat texture is completely different even from those free range/organic/pastured ones that you got from your farmer’s market/WF/TJ etc. This chicken meat is a bit chewier, less fatty and more tasty.
According to google, they look something like this (source)

Where to get it? Go to 99 Ranch Market and look for the one that’s labeled “brown chicken”. It costs about $8.00/chicken.

Easiest, simplest dish ever made, don’t you agree? So what are you waiting for? Go get that chicken now! 😀


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