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Being Skeptical

Not sure what’s wrong with our weather lately. Two days in a row we’ve been having a blazing hot summer-like weather (high 80s-low 90s) and today I woke up to an overcast 60s-70s weather..again. I heard it’s gonna rain tomorrow.

A typical day to start my weekend – loose leaf hot tea 😀

Paired with left over Scramble Egg with Green Beans and Sausage and a bit of baked purple yam

recycled pic- the scramble green beans weren't that much left lol

I LOVE PURPLE YAM! Post workout or not I could dig into this anytime. Too bad they’re so dang expensive ($1.40/lbs??)

Then K and I went to take care some financial stuff so we won’t be stranded on the street when we are 70 years old later in the future. Boy that whole thing took AN HOUR!

Then off to farmer’s market to get a box of strawberries (4 lbs)

And also went to our local grocery market Superking Markets to re-stock our usual produce that don’t need to get organic (cauliflower, carrots, green onions, turnips, onions, bananas, grapes) and some halal beef and lamb.

We didn’t get home until around 1pm (we left our house around 9:30am) and I proceeded with my last workout of this week. I usually like to do my workout first thing in the morning but on the weekends, I rather have my loose leaf hot tea and taking care other stuff first.

So since I finished my workout prior lunch, my lunch was a combination of post workout meal (notice that purple yam?) and bunch left overs and some freshly steamed veggies.

We finished off everything – which means I got to cook new dishes.

I made Baked Provence Herb Lamb Shanks which turned out yummy but there was a little incident happened (more on that later).

While waiting for the lamb to be done, I enjoyed some berries as my afternoon munchies.

While K was enjoying his afternoon loose leaf tea. He’s a tea drinker. He could drink tea anytime (day or night) while I could only have it in the morning or I’d have hard time sleeping at night.

After finished with my munchies, I went to check on the lamb and this happened.

Believe it or not, the glass dish BROKE in the oven! WHAT THE HELL?? Good thing there weren’t that much liquid in there, otherwise it’ll be super disaster!

Such a thick glass, how could it break like this?

Another good thing was I used my convection counter top oven. Imagine if this happened in the bigger oven. Speaking of which, I’ve NEVER USED the big oven. I’m way too comfortable with my counter top convection oven.

This wasn’t the first time I used that glass dish for baking and I thought it was oven safe. Now I’m a bit skeptical of using glass dish for baking.

On the bright side, thank goodness it DIDN’T SHATTERED into pieces! Otherwise we would be scared to eat the lambs – who wants to swallow broken glass pieces??

Anyway, I cooked up some Stir fry Kale with bacon and K made some veggie soup with the remaining chicken broth and carrots.

Our dinner!

My plates!

Btw tomorrow is K’s birthday but he specifically told me NO NEED to celebrate or cook any special dishes for him. I was planning to make some primal friendly birthday cake, but he insisted me not to. But I know that he likes the Almond Butter Beef that I made couple days ago, although it got burned a little bit, so I might want to make that one again tomorrow. Wish me luck! 😀

Did your baking glass dish ever broke in the oven?
This was my FIRST time ever and now I become skeptical of using glass dish for baking. Now what am I going to use if I need to bake something with acid (like lemon/vinegar) in the dish? Using metal ones is not good either because it might have some reaction with acid.

Any kitchen disaster you want to share?
I know mine wasn’t too bad yet. I’ve read some other people who had worse (broke a jar full of sweet liquid all over the kitchen cabinet for example).


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Baked Provence Herb Lamb Shanks

I saw this herb at the grocery store today and thought it would be a good one to cook my lamb shanks.

According to the package the mixture is a blend of herb and spices which is used for dishes in Provence, France. The mixture has basil, rosemary, marjoram, savory and thyme. It can be used for poultry, beef and lamb.

3.5 lbs lamb shanks
Salt and pepper
6 teaspoon Provence Herb
6 teaspoon water
1 tsp grass fed butter (I used KerryGold®)

1. Wash and pat dry the lamb shanks. Trim off excess visible fat as much as possible.
2. Liberally season with salt and pepper. One note: combine the salt and pepper in one container BEFORE marinating raw meat to avoid cross contamination. You don’t want to dig into your salt and pepper container after touching the raw meat, right?

3. Mix 6 teaspoon Provence Herb with 6 teaspoon of water until it becomes a paste

4. Rub the seasonings on the lamb shanks until evenly coat. Put in a gallon size zip lock bag – marinate for at least 1 hour

5. Preheat the oven to 425°F
6. Grease your baking dish with some melted butter.
7. Line the lamb shanks (I obviously didn’t cook the entire batch because my baking dish wasn’t big enough to fit everything)

8. Bake at 425°F for about 40-45 minutes.
9. Change the setting to broil for another 10 minutes

Serve with some squirt of lemon!

It has a hint of spicy and according to hubby, the aroma reminds him of sausage seasoning. As always, enjoy! 🙂


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