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Birthday Gifts

Dearest hubby K,

Happy Birthday! I know you’re pretty sensitive for getting a year older that you even had hard time sleeping last night so I understand that you had to sleep in today. And I didn’t mind you woke me up earlier this morning to keep you company until you could fall asleep and even though I couldn’t really go back to sleep, I wasn’t cranky either (Thanks to Paleo/Primal that my body doesn’t get sluggish that easily).

I woke up and had a grand plan for the upcoming week meal to make sure you won’t be food deprived. 😛

But first of all, let me fueled myself with some breakfast which mostly left over Stir fry Kale with bacon and last of purple yam. Oh not forgetting my usual loose leaf tea.

I remembered you liked my Almond Butter Beef I made last time, even though it got burned a bit, so I made that specially for you today.

At the same time, I had to replenish my post workout meal (aka sweet potatoes) so I baked these in the oven in 425°F for about 45 minutes after brushing them with avocado oil.

I also pre-cutting all the necessary vegetables, sauteing grass fed ground beef as our emergency protein supply and made Roasted Curried Cauliflower.

While doing all of these, I had a sudden crave of Hard Boiled Eggs Stew and decided to make that one as well.

I got all of these ready by lunch time and sorry, sweet potatoes are only here just for the picture-sake 😛 But don’t worry, you’re more than welcome to have them if you like.

Did you see the Almond Butter Beef? It’s the center dish and I’m happy this time it turned out PERFECT. I was so happy that you told me you really enjoyed it a lot and couldn’t stop raving about it.

And after lunch, I wasn’t completely done with our meal prep. Remember the giant butternut squash I got couple days ago? I’m planning to make Butternut Squash puree so I cooked them in my pressure cooker. I had to do them twice since my pressure cooker couldn’t contain the whole thing at once.

While waiting for the squash to be done I did quick house cleaning that I’ve been neglecting for a while and I take this as my workout of the day.

Since today was your special day, I decided to go with you to your parent’s house for a family dinner, even though I know I won’t be able to stay truly paleo/primal due. That’s what 80/20 rules in primal are for.

You know I used to like your mom’s homemade deep fried vegetable rice paper wrap but know it’s not Paleo/Primal compliant, so you were willing to split some with me, even though you already had one earlier.

Came back home, you surprised me with these!

Aww, that’s so nice of you! I know we share the same birthday month but you really didn’t have to give this iPod touch and a case as an early birthday gift for me.

Not to mention I got an early birthday gift from Clif® Bar as well!

Umm….I feel bad for not giving you gifts for your birthday except for this bowl full of strawberries, blueberries and grapes

….which in the end I ate the most!

Hope you enjoy your birthday “gifts” from me and thank you for your early birthday gift to me 😀

From your wife


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Hard Boiled Eggs Stew

Hard Boiled Eggs Stew (or in Indonesian we called it “telor balado“) is one of my childhood favorite food. Usually it’s kinda sweet, sour and a bit spicy at the same time. Originally the recipe calls for tamarind paste (legume) and palm sugar, two ingredients that are not Paleo/Primal compliant. So today I experimented in paleoized this dish to satisfy my craving.

6 eggs
1 orange (juiced)
Squirt of lemon
4 vine ripe tomatoes – chopped
1-2 cups chopped onions
1 Tbsp curry powder
1 tsp paprika powder
1 tsp chili powder (or you can use fresh chili peppers – like Thai chilies for more kick. I didn’t have any in my pantry at the time)

Image link to its original source

Coconut oil or any other high smoking point cooking oil of your choice (avocado oil/macadamia oil/ghee)

1 tsp of raw honey (if the orange juice is not sweet enough, feel free to add honey to adjust the sweetness. My orange was really ripe so it’s sweet enough to my taste)

1. Boil the eggs until done – set aside, peel the shells when it’s cooled down

2. Coat the peeled eggs with 1 Tbsp curry powder
3. Melt the coconut oil on the pan in medium high
4. Lightly pan fry the coated hard boiled eggs – flip them around to get the surfaces evenly pan fried.

They should look like this. The reason to pan fry the eggs so to give some texture on the eggs so the sauce will “stick” to them.

5. Add a bit more oil and saute the onions until translucent- add in the chopped tomatoes (and chili peppers if you use any)

6. Pour in the orange juice, squirt of lemon, sprinkle some salt, paprika powder and chili powder (omit if using fresh chili peppers). Adjust to taste. (Optional: add 1 tsp raw honey)

7. When the sauce is at your desired taste, mix in the eggs

8. Let it simmer a bit until the sauce is reduced to almost like a paste

9. Remove from heat – set aside a bit for about 15 minutes so the eggs will absorb the sauce more.

It might not exactly taste like the original one (the sourness from citrus is quite different from tamarind paste), but it surely satisfied my craving. 🙂


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