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A Day Off from the Routine

Hey all! Yesterday, I took “a day off” from my usual routine (except for my full time job): cooking and exercising (yea skipped it again, but I have a very good reason for this, more on that later)! But unfortunately, I still had to be in the kitchen, washed dishes, and turned on my stove to finalize my overdue b-nut squash soup. (these chunks have been sitting in my fridge for days already!)

And I didn’t even need to heat up my dinner because basically I just ate my “breakfast food” as my dinner instead (plus fruits).

Something I wanna share a bit (hint: male readers might want to skip it)

I was pretty sluggish yesterday due to my lack of sleep the night before, thanks to my bloating stomach from my whacked period 😦 Typically I’d have heavier flow for the first 3 days and lighten up and everything will be done within a week. However, last month my cycle was a bit “off” – I had very light spotting which was very unusual and no painful cramps either! At first I was happy that maybe my diet change caused this. But then the light flow (spotting) lasted for the entire month and I began to worry so I went to the gyno. She mentioned that the cycle went whacked because my body didn’t ovulate (released the egg) the month before so it’s missing the hormon signal and I had a small cyst inside my uterus as a result. It’s not life threatening but they’ll have to re-check it again a month later to make sure the cyst won’t grow bigger. But then they mentioned if I feel a sever pelvic pain, I need to go to the doctor right away.

Anyway, seems like my cycle is back to normal, cause I get the usual heavy flow…again….although it kept me awake almost the entire night yesterday. One big note: I didn’t have a very painful cramp that I used to have prior switching my diet to Primal. Could it be this is one of the good sign? I’ll keep an eye on this.

Ok, enough period talk..sorry for non-female readers… 😛

Moving on…

After a full day of rest, I busted today’s workout in the morning (note: I was this close to sleep in….but I kicked that temptation away).

Refueled with more sweet potatoes (ate the purple one only)

Packed the orange one with Fage full fat greek yogurt, sprinkled with Pumpkin Pie spice powder = Pumpkin Pie Yogurt

Topped with crunchy coconut flakes = Pumpkin Pie Coconut Yogurt! Double YUM!

Finally got to taste my 5 spice & star anise beef stew for my lunch!

Guess what? Hubby K packed these fruits for me…how sweet of him!

On the way home, it was cloudy and very windy (so cold!). By the time I got home, it was raining and sunny at the same time.

The rain only lasted for about 10 minutes, then I ran outside and to take a picture of the rainbow!

Again dinner, no cooking involved – 2 days in a row of no cooking = LOVE IT!

Weekend is almost here and I’m really looking forward to it. Hubby K and I are planning to go out on Saturday and it’ll be something different for us. More on that tomorrow if I get a chance to blog a bit about it.

Have a wonderful TGIF eve!


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