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Hacking Larabar Jocalat

I’ve actually never tried Larabar Jocalat but from what I read, it’s similar to regular Larabar but with chocolate. Since I have quite amount of nuts and dates, I decided to make my own hack version.

1 cup of walnut
1 cup of almonds
9 pitted medjool dates
3-4 Tbsp cocoa powder
A dash of salt

Blend everything using your food processor until everything incorporates together..

When everything comes together become a paste, you’re done!

Set them aside and refrigerate until it’s set, then shape them into whatever you want! I just made mine into bars

No added sugar and good for emergency snacks. I wouldn’t recommend eating these on daily basis because of the high sugar content (from the dates). But sometimes, when you’re in a pinch, it becomes pretty handy.


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Give and Take

After I hit publish on my trip post, Hubby K and I went out straight to grocery store and Trader Joe’s to replenish our fridge. After coming back home and put the grocery away, I did my workout that I missed yesterday.

After that, I chugged down 1/2 baked sweet potato as my post workout snack and worked in the kitchen preparing the upcoming week meal. Technically speaking, I didn’t actually cook much stuff. Instead I just marinated a bunch of meat so I could cook them over the week. I did, however, cooked the rotisserie chicken which I marinated 2 days ago so at least I got some decent protein as part of my dinner, plus my failed attempt to make fritata with the remaining cooked ground beef (it ended up became scrambled egg with ground beef instead).

I’ll be honest here, don’t be fooled by the look of the chicken in this picture. I strategically took the picture from its best angle. The fact is, the other side of the chicken was totally burned, probably due to the marinate that I used or the temperature setting was a bit high in the beginning. Not to mention the chicken was still a bit red in the middle. But no worries, a 5 minute microwave zap fixed it.

So here’s my dinner (and also will be my lunch tomorrow)

But wait, where was the lunch????
I’m telling you, I didn’t have any proper meal since last night. Pretty much after my late “breakfast”, I only munched on banana chips, some macadamia nuts and my “hacked Larabar” as my meal for the entire day. That explained my crankiness before dinner. My body seriously craved proper meal (meat and veggies!). Don’t ask me how I survived my intense workout today. Truth to be told, I almost collapsed after I was done.

I feel like I couldn’t get anything done because I “lost” one of my weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed our time a lot yesterday: going out, travel and just relaxing. But at the same time, our usual weekend chores got neglected. Is it worth it? I’d say so, although I felt a bit cranky earlier.

I even told Hubby K that I just want to cook Primal meal enough for myself. He didn’t mind and actually he encouraged me to not worrying about him and Brother A (my little brother). He even offered to cook some food for him and Brother A so I don’t have to work too hard. Aaarggh, how nice of him! Sometimes I feel sorry for him having a whiny wife like me. C’mon, I only need to cook to feed 3 adults (me including) and I’m already feeling stressed out. To top it off both Hubby K and Brother A are not picky eaters either. Whatever I make, either good or not too good, they never utter a single complain about it. Should I say I’m lucky?
I’m so amazed with those who have kids for putting up with their needs. Seriously, how do you guys do it? Maybe that’s why I am not a parent or that child will hate me so much for neglecting him/her.

Anyway, enough rambling here! Have a great night!


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One Day Trip Getaway

Living Primal/Paleo doesn’t always associate with food choice and working out. What’s the point of eating healthy and exercise if you’re not enjoying your life to the fullest? I realized all of this time I’ve never really taken one day to just get out from the regular chores and just relaxing.

Yesterday, Hubby K and I went for a day trip to Santa Barbara. Since we would want to enjoy our time as much as possible with the least stress, we decided to take a train instead of driving.

For Los Angelenos people like us, it’s pretty rare to take public transportation. Most people prefer to drive on their own because our public transportation system is plainly…HORRIBLE. Unlike Asia or Europe, if you miss the train/bus, you either have to wait for another 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Weekends are the WORST. Back home, I always took public transportation everywhere because it was super convenient. Buses were always come every 5 minutes, so no need to sweat if you missed it. Not in Los Angeles.

Anyway, it took us about 3 hour to get to Santa Barbara vs. 2 hour if you drive – but then you’ll feel tired and had to worry about parking etc etc. Plus, we won’t be able to enjoy some scenery on the way if we drove.

Before heading off the the station, I refueled myself with whatever left over in the fridge for breakfast (beef stew plus asparagus stir fry)

Packed some Primal friendly snacks, which we didn’t touch except for one of the “hacked Larabar” that I made (will post the recipe soon).

The train was delayed a bit on the way so we arrived 30 minutes later than the scheduled time. But no worries, we had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves since our return train won’t be there until 7pm.

We went to The Palace Grill, a Cajun Cuisine Restaurant for our lunch.

The inside was pretty small and decorated with New Orleans style.

After reading the menu, we decided to order “All the Best” Platter which consist a little bit of all seafood stuff (main, appetizer and (gasp!) dessert)

appetizer, main dish (see the mini muffins and small potatoes?)

Apparently, they’re famous with their Bread Pudding Souffle – which was included in our order.

But I told the waitress if I could substituted one of the dessert with gluten free one and she said yes….with an extra charge of course.

Bread pudding souffle (left) with creamy whiskey sauce and Homemade Mango Sorbet (right)

Not gonna lie, I polished off the sorbet AND also nibbled some of the Bread Pudding Souffle as well (Hubby K had some of it), but in the end we still couldn’t finish it. It was pretty good actually – just a little hint of sweetness with cinnamon. I think it was sweet enough without having the whiskey creamy sauce poured into it (the waitress just did it right after she brought in to our table and I didn’t get a chance to tell her to hold off on the creamy sauce).

Oh, I also confessed I took a bite of the muffins and had some rice from the platter earlier as well. 🙂

For the rest of the day, we walked off our lunch around the area (from downtown to the pier and the bike path and came back). Another rule from Primal: Move around a lot at slow pace plus we got plenty of sunshine for the whole day!

It was really sunny but VERY WINDY AND FREEZING!

Lots of wine! Too bad we don’t drink.

World Market – carry everything from furniture to grocery stuff! (Bacon Chocolate anyone??) – Too bad it’s not Primal/Paleo – lots of forbidden ingredients like soy lecithin, emulsifier etc.

Got some simple meal for our “dinner”.

salad for her, sandwich for him

I ate my way around the grated cheese and skipped on the croutons and the dressing. Veggies taste good enough without any dressing already.

On our return trip, I’m happy I was able to snap these sunset scenery!

Got another delay, and didn’t get back until 11pm as opposed 10:30pm.

Overall, we had a nice, short and relaxing trip, although we slept in until 9am today and didn’t get to eat breakfast until 10:00 am


Plus I woke up on the wrong side yesterday so I’ve been having stiff neck (couldn’t even turn my head to left) and today was a bit better although still a little stiff.

Nibbled on some unsweetened banana chips and some macadamia nuts as well.

Now going to run to grocery store to replenish my pantry, plus hopefully I could cook some meal for the upcoming week.

*sigh* Back to the usual routine – never ends!

Public transportation vs driving – which one do you prefer?


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