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One Pain Gone, Another Comes Along

Good news: my stiff neck felt tons better so I could do my workout this morning.

Not so good news: I woke up today with a dry throat – not that severe yet but I felt discomfort, especially swallowing any food with strong spices.

This morning workout was quite something. I had to brave myself doing cartwheel. From what I remember, I haven’t done it before, even when I was a kid.

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So my FUGLY cartwheel looked more like this:

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Regardless in the end of the whole workout, I was covered in sweat. In fact, I could splash sweat around from my hair – gross I know..sorry.

As usual, refuel with post workout meal: one small baked sweet potato and some chicken meat from Steamed Whole Chicken

For my sore/dry/irritated throat, I packed up some Vitamin C : oranges and lemon slices

I like sour stuff, but not that much that I could eat lemon slices just like that. I dunked these slices into hot water so I could have an instant hot lemonade. Been drinking that for the whole day. The lemon soothes my throat, so good.

Guess what? Hubby K made the dinner today, which was steamed Chinese veggies and stir fry Cabbage with Cauliflower seasoned with Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute and Coconut Aminos. For the protein, just need to heat up whatever I made yesterday. So convenient to do batch cooking in advance to save time for the next meals 😀

Tonight’s dinner/tomorrow’s lunch

Were you very active when you were a kid?
I considered myself as a timid and quiet kid (according to my mom). Vaguely, I mostly spent my time playing by myself and in grade school, I didn’t really hang out with a group of other kids that much either. I started to be more social towards junior/high school.

Alright, I gotta go to bed early so hopefully this dry/irritated throat will be gone by tomorrow. Blame it to the constant hot/cold weather of Southern California!


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