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Hot and Sweaty

Thank you for wishing me getting well and good news is my throat doesn’t bother me much anymore. It still felt a bit dry in the morning, but it gradually disappeared at the end of the day. Hopefully I’m over it.

Btw, today was HOT HOT HOT and humid here! The weather was gorgeous for beach people (unfortunately, being under the sun for a long period of time is not my cuppa tea) – sunny and high 80°F. Ironically, my workout today was titled “Hot in Here workout”, which exactly described how I felt after finished with it.

As usual refueled with baked yam, which was super mushy because I baked it waaay too long, but who cares. Plus I had 3 hard boiled eggs sprinkled with Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute plus my weekend loose leaf green tea.

Let me tell you that finally today I managed to make perfect hard boiled eggs! Before either they were undercooked or overcooked.

However, last night I failed to make my beef omelet with shredded coconut, which I’ve been craving for the whole week.

The mixture was too watery that I couldn’t flip it. Frustrated and impatient, I decided to turn it into scramble eggs.

Still yummy tho.

But my lunch today was way prettier (thanks to natural light)

Btw I scored some goodies.
Avocado for 50 cents each from Walmart! This was totally unexpected! I know some Walmart carries grocery items, but not the one nearby my place. Something new!

Henry’s Market was having 72 hour sale and this 3 lbs mandarin oranges were on sale for $1.97 for each bag (3lbs bag). Usually these guys cost at least $2-$3/bag. And they’re super sweet and I went back there again today to get another bag.

I could easily eat 4 of these in one sitting! So yummy and sweet, better than muching on chocolate/cookies

How’s the weather at your place now? Spring? Summer?
For me, today felt almost summer-like. A little too hot for spring standard. Btw, I realized I didn’t shower at all from the time I finished my workout in the morning until after dinner time. Gross I know. Usually I’d shower right after I finished my workout (after I wasn’t sweating anymore) but lately, it’s been pretty jam packed that I just had to do a lot of stuff from one to another. Good thing I didn’t shower yet because when I was vacuuming the house in the afternoon, I was drenched..again.

Have a great weekend!


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