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Zombied Out But It’s All Good

Happy (Good) Friday and Happy Earth Day everyone! Yesterday, Hubby K wasn’t feeling good (he had sore throat and lack of energy). Could be because he’s been lacking of sleep lately. So I gave him a glass of hot water with few slices of lemons and told him to go to bed early and I did all the clean ups. All this time I cooked and he did all the kitchen clean ups plus he usually cooked more stuff for him to bring. Usually I went to bed much earlier than he did and truth to be told I’ve never really knew what time exactly he went to bed.

So, last night I went to bed after he did…and …didn’t feel like I had a complete shut eye because..he SNORED.for. the. entire.night! Even with my ear plugs I still could hear it. I might fall asleep in between times when he stopped snoring. Anyway despite lack of sleep, I didn’t feel tired or cranky either (another good result from cutting out grains and gluten??)

Oh well, no grudge hold against him. In fact I even made him some breakfast! Lately I’ve been having sweet breakfast dishes (sweet potatoes, bo bo cha) so this morning I made bacon and eggs!

Hubby K wasn’t expected me to make him breakfast. Heck all this time I’ve never really made his breakfast (bad wife!). Another good news is he told me he felt much better and praised me for giving him lemon slices with hot water last night. His throat felt way better today and he felt more energetic as well. And he even brought extra lemons to work so he could drink them all day in the office.

Last night I made roasted kabocha with coconut oil. YUM!

I LOVE KABOCHA (who doesn’t?) and I tell ya I could devour the entire plate of roasted kabocha in one sitting and I am NOT joking. It’s just that good..even better than potato chips!

Last night dinner: Baked Chicken Leg with Caramelized Shallots, steamed asparagus topped with Mushroom Gravy sauce, roasted kabocha and steamed Chinese greens.

I packed similar stuff for my lunch today, only ended up not eating it because my co-worker L came by and asked me to go out for lunch. We went to Japanese tebasaki Restaurant, Furaibo.

Sorry no food pic because I didn’t want to appear ridiculous in front of him, taking food pic. I could tell you I ordered a lunch special: shredded cabbage salad with no dressing (the waitress looked shocked when I asked her for no dressing) and char-boiled sliced chicken breasts with honey mustard on the side (which I didn’t touch either). Lunch special was served with a bowl of miso soup, which I didn’t touch either. Good thing L didn’t notice it.

Was it filling? Not really. After I got back to the office I took 15 minute walk in the parking lot, came back to my desk and devoured the last container of bo bo cha cha (dang that stuff was so good!) – sorry Hubby K, you procrastinate too long to give this a try!

That curbed my appetite for the entire afternoon.

So apparently my today’s packed lunch became my dinner instead.
Steamed chinese greens, roasted kabocha, mushroom gravy sauce and 2 beef patties.

I also had my last strawberry batch (gotta get more from farmer’s market tomorrow), which originally for my afternoon snack.

Speaking of which, I just realized I haven’t made my homemade chicken stock for a while. So after dinner, I cleaned up the last chicken I had and cooking it in my pressure cooker now.

Do you have any plans for this coming Easter weekend? Do you celebrate Easter?

I am not a religious person although I was actually baptized as Catholic when I was 5 years old and had my first Holy communion when I was 8. Apparently, after I came to the US, I started to see things differently and I decided I don’t want to label my belief. Don’t get me wrong, I respect everyone’s belief, whatever it is. I would say I believe in spirituality, that there’s some forces out there which sometimes can’t be explained scientifically.

Anyway back in Indo when I was in grade school, we had Easter Egg hunt (real hard boiled decorated eggs, not plastic eggs filled with candies and chocolate like in the US), and of course went to the Easter Mass at the church. I don’t even know there’s Easter bunny until I got to the US.

I’m planning to experiment some recipe that I’ve come up with after reading various resources. Fail or success, we’ll see about that!

Have a good weekend and for those who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter!


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