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Something bad, something good

Hi everyone! How’s your week going so far? I’m excited that I am taking some day off this coming week for something special…sort of.

I got my quick workout done after I came back from work. A super short abs workout, a nice warm up for the upcoming abs and core workout from Zuzana this week! Yippe!

Anyway, yesterday when opened up my mail, I was a bit down almost got a heart attack when I saw my auto renewal policy charge.

That’s for 6 MONTHS policy, NOT one year. So technically I’ll be paying around $2,000 each year for my car insurance.

A while back I hit someone’s car when I was backing up in the parking lot. So it was 100% my fault. In addition, I also fixed my car couple months ago using the insurance.

Don’t get me wrong, I am FULLY AWARE that the insurance will raise up my policy, but I wasn’t expecting them to raise it up 100%!! The damage itself wasn’t that bad and no one got hurt! I can’t imagine how much they charge for those who got into a bigger accident. Geez…I hate insurance companies! They’re just a bunch of SCAMMERS…legally!

Apparently, bad stuff just didn’t stop there. Earlier, our microwave was acting up weird. It kept tripping the breaker when we used it to warm up our food. Just had to happen when we were about to warm up our dinner.

Gah, gotta call GE and hopefully we’re still under warranty. All our house appliances came with the house when we first bought it and they are all brand new! Grrr!! Only a little over a year and it starts to break down?! Heesh!

Ok enough boring talk. Let’s move on to the food! Wanna know what I had?

Actually, just whatever left over from last night. Plus Hubby K brought back some left overs from his parents house from last night family dinner (non paleo of course). But hey, we can’t refuse free food, right? Besides that means I only need to cook Paleo friendly food enough for me 😛

I cooked up chicken breasts for my next emergency protein stash.

Cooked the last batch of seafood mix.

Paired up with last roasted kabocha, one pot baked mixed veggies, my dinner was ready within 30 minutes!

Btw my co worker was so sweet to give me this fruit salad bowl from her husband’s cafe. I saved it up for tomorrow’s snack.

Don’t you just hate insurance companies?
In the US, almost everything needs insurance (house, car, life, health etc) and I just plainly hate them. For me, technically they are legal scammers – they ask your money but when you need them, they always work their way around not helping you or they act like they’re helping you but in the end you still need to pay for it – like my incident. Yea sure I saved more fixing my car by going thru their chosen body shop, but in the end they jacked up my policy twice!
I hate them, but I kinda need them…oh well.

Good night!


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