Adventurous Thursday

20 May

I didn’t go for a hike in the forest or anything like that though, but I took a train to go to downtown Los Angeles to take care my passport thing.

What’s the better time than right now when I’m not that busy, right? – insert sarcasm

Before I went out, I made another batch of Coconut pancakes. This time I added the Braised Coconut Shredded chicken, shredded zucchini and a dollop of coconut milk into the batter

Breakfast was super yummy!

This was my first time ever to be in LA Union Station. The interior looks pretty cool. I think some movie scenes were actually shot here.

To get to my destination, I had to take a subway. Boy the interior reminds me a lot of any movie scenes with subway 😛

From the subway station, I had to walk about 20 minutes to the building. There was a bus that I could actually take, but hey I won’t refuse any opportunity to move around my body more. Besides the weather was gorgeously sunny and not too hot!

On the way back, I had to be stuck at the LA Union Station for about one hour. Also I regretted I didn’t buy Metrolink round trip ticket. Apparently, the Metrolink ticket works if I need to use any Metro subways, but NOT the other way around. Oh well I just needed to spend an extra $1.50. If I bought a round trip ticket, I’d only spend $14.00.

Funny thing is? I almost could get away for riding the train without any ticket (of course I didn’t do that). Seriously, on my way to LA Union Station, no conductor checked the tickets until when I was in the subway. On the way back? Nobody actually checked the tickets. Hm….

Anyway, when I got back home I was starving and didn’t want to spend extra time for fancy meal. Left overs are my savior!

Yeah I know I’ve been eating that shredded chicken A LOT lately. Still working on those!

Spent the entire afternoon just goofing around and watched No Strings Attached and can I say that movie is SUPER BORING? Both Hubby K and I were nodding throughout the movie. When it was almost dinner time, we just shut it and didn’t bother to finish it. I know the story would be typical slapstick romantic comedy, but it WASN’T even funny at all! None of the scenes were interesting to watch! Even Knocked Up was tons better and funnier!

So after a super boring movie, I had a sudden crave of Thai Food.

Sweetee Thai to the rescue!

I decided at that moment that this would be my MOST ULTIMATE Paleo cheat ever! Usually I only took a small bite of grains/gluten etc, but this time I went ALL IN!

We ordered Pad See Ew with Beef, Pad Thai (no bean curd, peanuts and bean sprouts) with beef, and Short Rib BBQ. – Fully Carbloaded

Hubby K and I shared the three dishes and I ate mine with good spoonfuls of chili sauce!

Gosh, everything with the exception of the Pad See Ew were SO SWEET (is that why they named their restaurant Sweetee Thai?) The short rib was a disappointment. It was doused with ketchup which I had to scrap off cause I just couldn’t stand the sweetness of it! Pad Thai was ok, still sweet but the sour and spicy chili sauce helped balancing the taste.

It’s been a long time for me not having Pad Thai and Pad See Ew and the dinner was totally worth it. Good thing my gut didn’t act up on me. But in the middle of the night, I was awake because I felt super thirsty (Damn MSG!) and had to drag myself out from bed to drink a cup full of water.

Btw I didn’t do any workout today but those walks from subway station to the building back and forth should count right? 😉

What’s the last movie did you watch that didn’t turn out to be what you expected?

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