Lazy Dog with Friends

28 May

For some reason I woke up at 4:30am and tried to go back to sleep, but that didn’t happen. After tossing around for about an hour, I decided to rise up from the bed, played some silly bubble game on my iPod until I got bored. Then I remembered I still “owed” last 2 rounds of the killer 400 reps variations of Burpee workout from Thursday.

Reluctantly, I warmed up then completed the second round. You can read more details about it here if you’re interested 🙂

Despite skipping dinner, not having breakfast, I didn’t crash while doing that intense workout, which amazed me in some ways. But worry not, I’m not going to do intermittent fasting way too often as fat/weight loss is not my fitness goal. On the other hand, it feels good to give your body a little “break” from digesting food.

So here’s the breakfast/post workout snack for the champion 😀

Medium size of baked Japanese yam with a tin of wild sardines in spring water. Yay, I got my natural Omega-3 intake of the day, which what I prefer the most. But getting Omega-3 from supplements is not a bad idea either though. Better than nothing, right?

We went to Farmers Market afterward to restock the strawberries and also bought some cherries (it’s cherry season already. Lots of booths selling cherries)

About noon time I went to meet the gals (Hubby K stayed home since he had to go to his parents place for dinner and I wasn’t sure how long this gathering would be) at The Lazy Dog Cafe in Huntington Beach.

The walls are full of dog pictures..haha hence the name!

I’m not a dog person, but those dogs in the pics surely look cute!

Before went there, I did my little homework for some gluten free friendly menu that I could order so I asked The Lazy Dog Cafe on their FB

And I also snacked bunch of macadamia nuts and some banana chips (from Henry’s Market) to make sure I won’t be too starving.

unsweetened banana chips!

Since our group was kinda small this time (2 birthday gals- total 5 people) we decided to share the food. I still ordered that Bacon Wrapped Coulotte and asked for steamed broccoli and gravy on the side. Hm, I forgot to ask the waitress to sub the mashed potatoes with steamed broccoli, but I think she forgot to separate the gravy on the side.

No biggie, I just ate around it a bit.

The rest of the food that Yen, one of the b’day gal ordered (since she’s been there before)
Sweet Potato Tater Tots with some kind of dip sauce – I couldn’t resist to have a little bite of those (no dipping) – pretty good

Pizza Margherita – looks delish but I didn’t have any

Pesto Chicken and Hummus

The pesto sauce was delicious- I didn’t try the sundried tomato hummus since I can’t handle beans (all kinds of legumes) that well.

Spicy Moroccan Chicken and Couscous

My friend M got the spicy kick from this dish while for me it wasn’t spicy at all (or maybe I was lucky enough not to get the spicy part?) Pretty delicious actually.

And the restaurant gave each 2 birthday gals, Ay and Yen a cup of ice cream sundae!

Our organizer, Sweet J bought this nice Oreo and Cream Cheese Cake from a Korean bakery.

I’m not a sweet tooth gal, but didn’t want to be a stuck up not having a little slice of the cake. Thank goodness my gut didn’t hate me too much. The cake was ok, but a little too sweet for me. My taste buds is very sensitive to sugar now (other than fruits).

When the time for 3 of us to split the bills, M was nice enough asking me if I was ok with the amount. Since she’s technically the only friend that reads my blog, she knows the current situation that Hubby K and I now. I appreciate her concern but I assured her I’m fine with the amount. Besides, it’s not like I’m always splurging all the time.

It was such a GORGEOUS day! Sunny, blue sky and cool breeze!

We hung out a bit, just walked around at the Target store nearby the restaurant then we bid our farewell for the next gathering in July. It’s always nice to catch up with friends and in some ways it’s good that we are keeping in touch by having this once a month gathering. After graduating and start working/family, we tend to be busy with our own schedule. It’s all thanks to M’s idea for having this once a month get together. 🙂

On the way home, I stopped by Walmart to get some avocados. (Gotta LOVE that 50 cents avocado)

I wasn’t too hungry but I am not intend to do another intermittent fasting since I just did it yesterday. It’s not something that I should be doing too often. So for dinner I just whipped some simple spring mix salad with some protein, avocado and sliced of whole tomato. No pic, but you got the idea.

Have a great weekend!

Btw, does your neighbor usually have a party with loud music when it’s long weekend? When I was typing this post, I could hear my neighbor was playing a loud Spanish songs. It’s always like this when it’s a long weekend. *sigh*. It doesn’t bother me much since my room is facing the other way (thank goodness).
And by loud meaning I can actually hear the music from my room if my window is open. Good thing he doesn’t have that heavy base speaker otherwise it’ll be waay too much!


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4 responses to “Lazy Dog with Friends

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    May 30, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    Looks like a wonderful lunch with friends! And I *always* do special orders when eating out. 😉

    My neighbors don’t tend to give loud parties so much, but the family that lives in the apartment above has too four kids, and two of them like to torture their piano. Makes me suffer a little. 😀

  2. leashieloo

    May 30, 2011 at 11:26 am

    That cafe looks soooo cute! And wow on the cake, looks fabulous…

  3. LeQuan

    May 30, 2011 at 2:18 am

    Happy birthday to your friends. All those dishes look really good. You were too nice about the gravy thing. I would’ve asked her to redo it on the side. Love that shot of the palm trees. I have a crazy palm tree obsession. Haha.
    Nope, my neighborhood is pretty quite. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.


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