Time to Get Back to the Game

07 Jun

Hi everyone! Today I totally declared that my lower back pain is 100% gone *knock on the wood so I won’t jinx it* so I totally could get back working out regularly. Wanna know what I ate yesterday and today?

After my workout, I warmed up some left over Asian Style Cauliflower “Fried Rice” with slices of baked Japanese sweet potato and 2 fried eggs.

We went to Curry House, a Japanese-style curry and spaghetti restaurant to meet 2 of my former colleague, C and Val for lunch. Technically speaking, it was almost nothing I could eat entirely Paleo at Curry House – majority of their menus are full of rice, spaghetti and not to mention their curry sauce ingredients contain non Paleo stuff: wheat flour, corn syrup, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, palm oil, and monosodium glutamate(!) How do I know this? Well that’s one nice thing of their menu.

So I ordered Hamburger curry, no rice, extra salad and no curry sauce.

I should asked the waitress no salad dressing next time. I am not sure what kind of dressing it was, but it tasted like miso style dressing. It was good, but combining it with the juices from the hamburger was a bit too salty to me.

It was actually nice to talk to some of colleagues that you got along with. Val told us there were 2 more people being laid off. Btw Val totally missed me and C as lunch buddies cause now he doesn’t have anyone he can share his stories with, other than his cousin, who’s also works there. Joking and teasing Val around with C is something that I will definitely miss from my former job. Ha!

Val had to go back to work cause his cousin, who came along for lunch was on hourly schedule. So I chatted with C and we were catching up. C is a nice person and someone that I actually enjoyed working with. Definitely will miss her as my colleague.

After we got back home, we snacked on some berries. Perfect for this hot and kinda humid weather.

And what’s for dinner? More Asian style “Cauliflower Fried Rice” topped with sliced of whole avocado.

I was still a bit hungry so I sliced some baked yam to curb my appetite.

I had such a blast at my morning workout today that I even added my own workout circuit after workout. When I opened the fridge, I saw a bowl of that Baked Mashed Cauliflower with Sliced Beef (somewhat similar with Paleo Shepherd Pie) which has been sitting in the fridge for a couple of days. Seems like the boys are not a big fan of that so I guess I had to finish that thing today or it’ll just be there! So I deconstructed that “Shepherd Pie” into Mashed Cauliflower Beef with Tomato, with some slices of baked sweet potatoes and I got my post workout meal/breakfast!

And as usual, I drank lots of tea along with my breakfast. You could say I’m a tea addict 🙂

I prepared some marinate to cook my next whole chicken (will post the recipe soon- it was super simple, really) for dinner as our food supply was getting low.

For lunch, I had the remaining Oven Fried Curried Chicken Fingers with the last batch of Asian style Cauliflower Fried Rice with some Chinese veggies on the side.

And for the FIRST time since I was out of job, I spent my entire afternoon putting together my resume and work samples for my job interview preparation. I thought I already lost my passion on my chosen career, but apparently yesterday’s meet up with my former colleagues sure had something to do with this. Everything just triggers me and suddenly I have this urge to put myself together and be back in the game. I was so excited that I already purchased a domain and a hosting site to put up my work samples. Speaking of which, there might be a chance I’ll start self hosting my blogs – fingers crossed. 🙂

I forgot how I could lose track of time when I start working on my project that I had to start dinner a bit late. Good thing I already marinated that chicken in the morning so by dinner time, I just need to cook, bake and serve!

More berries after dinner, shared with Hubby K.

Apparently, after a little break from being working, I actually start to feel a little excitement of working again. I’m even excited that tomorrow I’ll start putting together my work sample website so that I can start applying for jobs. Not sure how long it will take me to finish everything, but I am aiming for this entire week and start hunting next week. Wish me luck!

Good nite all!


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3 responses to “Time to Get Back to the Game

  1. Fit Daffy

    June 8, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Wow! You rock! I’d like to feel THAT excited about my job (or job hunting)! Please pass some of that enthusiasm up north. LOL! 😀

  2. garyg315

    June 8, 2011 at 12:24 am

    the game, i like this. speaking of lifestyles and the game, zuz and freddys new blog on utube. im following your blog. avocatos here are tiny any cost $1.25 unlike your walmart 4/1.00! jos just keep your eyes open and keep-on doin what you’re doin. you are on the right track. hello to huby-k later gary


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