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Friday Ramblings and Chimichurri Sauce

TGIF everyone! I’m so glad the week is OVER and weekend is finally here!

Btw, remember the Chimichurri sauce I made last time? My salmon turned out GREAT!

Baked Salmon (or other fish) with Chimichurri Sauce (adapted from The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate)
1-2 Tbsp Avocado Oil
3-4 garlic cloves
Handful of fresh Italian parsley
Dash of salt
Dash of ground black pepper
1/2 tsp chili powder
Freshly squeezed lemon juice (3 lemons)

1. Mash garlic and parsley in your food processor (I used my mortar and pestle since the amount is not a lot and I didn’t feel like washing my food processor)
2. Mix everything and refrigerate until you’re ready to bake the fish.

3. Line the salmon steak on the baking dish (I pre-seasoned the salmon steak with some salt before)
4. Pour the Chimichurri sauce over the salmon

5. Bake in 350°F for about 25-30 minutes


I had extra sauce so I used it to bake the Star Butter Fish as well. Delish!

Yesterday I had some stomach indigestion *ugh* after devoured the whole package of this:

Don’t get me wrong! Artisana Coconut Butter WAS SO YUMMY that I couldn’t stop myself. I was driving home and was kinda hungry and this thing popped in my head. So without hesitant, I just scarfed down the whole thing. One bite, two bites and I was like “to heck with it, I’ll just finish the whole thing!”

Since it was in a cooler temperature, the texture was kinda chalky. It might be better to melt it a bit so it’ll be more like a spread. But it melted once I put it in my mouth. I guess now I learn not to indulge it all at once or my stomach won’t be happy. No more indigestion. Good thing I didn’t barf.

Have a good weekend!

Btw there’s $50 iHerb shopping spree giveaway!


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Can’t Miss the Freebies!

Happy Wednesday!! Before you know it weekend is around the corner!

Today was such a good day because: our department provided FREE LUNCH from Chipotle! As a typical thrift Asian, I wouldn’t want to miss this!

But I still keep everything as primal/paleo as possibleno rice, beans, tortilla and soybean oil.

After reading Nom Nom Paleo’s Chipotle post, I opted for Salad bowl with carnitas (the only meat that’s not cooked in soybean oil) with mild tomato salsa, sour cream on side (company didn’t cover guacamole..FAIL). So I got my veggies, protein and some fat.

Apparently they were super stingy on the sour cream!

Good thing I prepared my Coconut Milk Dressing. Got my healthy fat intake!

Benefit of free lunch?

I could have my packed lunch as my breakfast instead! 😀

The beauty of eating Primal= There’s almost no difference between lunch/dinner/breakfast anymore! 😀

Except when I made this Almond Pancake

Slathered with cheese spread

Not paleo/primal standard but hey gotta loosen up a bit sometimes!

I love this Président brand! It’s from France and cheaper than Laughing Cow. It’s not that salty and very mild taste. My wallet and I surely love it!

I admit, I do miss this ever since I’ve gone Primal – no bread, crackers etc. But my Almond Pancake surely could satisfy my cravings of any gluten/grain stuff.

Anyway, remember the chicken dish I made on Sunday?

I “re-purposed” it to become “quiche” = b-fast food!

Super easy, just add one beaten egg and bake for 20 mins in oven 350°F.

So no need to get sick of eating same thing over and over. Vary it a bit! 😀

Also in this b-fast I had today – topped with the sauce from the Indonesian Beef Stew – YUM! Plus the last drop of Unsweetened Almond Breeze.

Freebies from iHerb!!

Artisana Raw Coconut Butter and Artisana Raw Cacao Bliss.

I’ve heard sooo much raves about coconut butter and when I saw iHerb provided these samples (just need to pay shipping) I instantly ordered them!

Btw, for first time shopper, use my promo code SUT585 to save $5.00! Now go and get your free sample of Coconut butter from iHerb. 😀

Or if you want to get a big jar of it, Katie is having Coconut butter giveaway!

iHerb also included Madre-C sample.

mix it in warm water

stir and enjoy!

Perfect timing! So many people sick at work now and I have to boost up my Vit C! Figuratively speaking, I was breathing germs in and out at the office for 8 hours- 5 working days!! Ugh, bless my immune system! I know Leashieloo and Jessica catch a cold. Hang in there, girls!

Do you differentiate your food for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
I used to, but not anymore 🙂

Favorite cheese spread?

Have you received any freebies?
Compared to other food bloggers, I don’t think I’ve received as many freebies as them. But I don’t sweat it though it feels nice to receive free stuff.hehe..especially food related.


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Cocomania Primal Dishes

After I received my iHerb order, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer to start cooking with them!

Just like the title, I used Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Aminos.

Minced Meat & Mixed Veggie Quiche (inspired from Nom Nom Paleo)

1.5 lb ground pork (or any other meat)
1/2 onion – minced
1.5 cup shredded cloud ear fungus (you can find this in Asian market -usually they’re dried – has to be soaked in water before use)
1 shallot – minced
Broccoli slaw (I made my own using my food processor – shredded broccoli stems with carrots – the amount is up to you – I like mine with lots of veggies
1/2 fresh jicama – minced
1-2 Tbsp raw coconut amino (or tamari soy sauce or regular soy sauce if you’re not into Primal/Paleo)
6 small eggs (or less if you use large eggs – lightly beaten season with some salt – not too much)
1/2″ ginger – peeled and minced
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 Tbsp extra virgin coconut oil

1. Heat up non stick skillet in medium heat – put in the coconut oil -it was solid in this cool temperature.
2. Once the oil melted, saute the onions, shallot, ginger, and jicama until onions are translucent.
3. Mixed in the ground meat, stir
4. When the meat is half cooked, pour in the broccoli slaw and the shredded cloud ear fungus
5. Season with salt and pepper accordingly (don’t go too overboard with the salt)
6. Pour in the coconut amino acids/soy sauce
7. Remove from the heat and pour in the meat mixture into a baking pan (already lightly greased with oil or butter)
8. Preheat oven to 350F
9. Pour in the beaten egg and bake for about 30 minutes.

Easy Seaweed Medley Stir Fry (Vegan)

1/2 onion – minced
1.5 cup shredded cloud ear fungus (you can find this in Asian market -usually they’re dried – has to be soaked in water before use)
1 shallot – minced
Broccoli slaw (I made my own using my food processor – shredded broccoli stems with carrots – the amount is up to you
1/2 fresh jicama – julienne
1-2 Tbsp raw coconut amino (or tamari soy sauce or regular soy sauce if you’re not into Primal/Paleo)
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 Tbsp extra virgin coconut oil
2 cups of soaked seaweed

1. Heat up non stick skillet in medium heat – put in the coconut oil -it was solid in this cool temperature.
2. Once the oil melted, saute everything
3. Season with salt and pepper accordingly (don’t go too overboard with the salt)
4. Pour in the coconut amino acids/soy sauce

Easy peasy healthy quick fix meal 😀

Tropical Citrus Chicken

1 lb chicken breasts (boneless & skinless) – cube cut
3 ripe tomatoes – diced
1/2 onion – minced
1/2 ginger – julienne
3 garlic cloves -minced
1 shallot – minced
1 cup fresh pineapple chunks
1 cup of fresh orange juice
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Marinate the chicken meat with salt – set aside for 15 minutes
2. Heat up the non stick skillet to medium heat, add 1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
3. Lightly pan fry the chicken meat until light brown – set aside
4. Heat up 1 Tbsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
5. Sautee the garlic, onions, shallots and ginger until the onions translucent.
6. Mix in the tomatoes and the pineapple chunks, stir until everything incorporates together
7. Pour in the orange juice and cover the skillet for 2 minutes
8. Season with salt and pepper to taste
9. Mix in the chicken meat, mix until everything incorporates together
10. Increase the heat to medium high to thicken the sauce a bit
11. Remove from the stove and serve!

This taste ahmazing! With a slight hint of coconut oil mix and the citrus juice it gave that fresh taste. Not to mention the citrus juice tenderized the chicken meats.

I love coconut oil and I love how much healthier it is. It got bad reputation because of the saturated fat and cholesterol but those are NOT TRUE! This article and this explain it well.

So does the chart below (source)

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs that talk about this Primal/Paleo. The more I know, the more interested I am into this.

One quote I like:
“Primal is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”

The main thing about being Primal is you eat whole foods (veggies, meat, fruits and nuts) and avoid grains/gluten/starch and sugar as much as possible.

I saw this post about being vegetarian can be primal as well.

Since last week, I’ve been totally primal (finally I cut out grains/wheat from my diet) and I’ve been feeling great! Before I usually had wheat toast for b-fast and always got super hungry before lunch time, or there was time I ate a bowl of oats and I felt way too stuffed (not in a good way).

Ever since I changed my breakfast menu to more primal (protein, fat, fiber and some fruit occasionally) I notice I could last all the way until lunch time. I feel full in a satisfying way, not overstuffed.

I know I’m not a strict Paleo/Primal as I still enjoy my dairy (greek Yogurt, cheese) and there might be time that I have to dine with friends and relative, which not quite Primal/Paleo approved. The point is if 90% of the time I stick to Primal/Paleo, 10% won’t hurt. Afterall we gotta enjoy our life to the fullest, right?

More info about Primal/Paleo can be found here and here.

Whatever your diet/lifestyle choices are, do you consider yourself to be strict on it or you can be flexible?


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Sniffing Sneezing Season

Happy Tuesday everyone! It was fun to read your comments on my last post. Apparently I’m not the only one who’s hoarding glass jars..haha (right Kath and Lele?)

Seriously I hate hoarding bunch of stuff (unused appliance/kitchen ware, empty cardboard boxes, unfit/out of style clothing etc) and I try to donate them as much a possible….speaking of which I need to streamline my garage as well….*sigh*

K, on the other hand is quite opposite. He’s just like typical Asians who likes to hold on to things, whether you use it or not. I think he slowly gets better at it..

Anyway, recently I heard lots of people at work are sick! Every cubicle I walk through I’ll hear someone sneezes, snorting, clearing up throat, sniffing, and coughing. Ugh..not to mention one or two people who share the same office room with me do that too.

Typically I always wash my hands very often every time I touch the door knobs or anything that’s not my own space. I don’t like using hand sanitizer as much because I read a lot about not so good things using it too often. Our body has some good bacteria and excessive use of hand sanitizer will kill them too. Not to mention the bad bacteria will grow immune to it if you use it too often.

But I’d lie if I don’t have a bottle of it in my purse. In a pinch I do use it but if I have access to actual sink, I rather wash my hands with warm water and soap.

After washing my hands, I usually use a paper towel to touch door knobs etc until I get to my desk.

Too paranoid? Maybe. But I don’t wanna get sick either!

Morning workout was a complete brutal and I was sweating like a pig! You can go here if you’re interested what I did this morning 🙂

Yesterday I used up my Albertson’s gift card with bunch of Greek yogurts and Almond milk! (I love Fage, but wanna give Yoplait a try as well).

I wanna try Chobani and Oikos but the Albertson’s I went to didn’t carry plain Chobani and no Oikos.

I missed Almond milk and had no time making it myself and I’m running low on almonds.

Finally I made my first green monster, after drooling looking at Lele’s!
Good post workout recovery drink!

Ingredients are super simple: 1 banana, handful of baby spinach, and some Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk. Paired up with 1/2 avocado, sliced chicken breasts, spinach and some lemon juice = healthy and balanced breakfast!

Got home and my iHerb order has arrived!!

Finally I could ditch that yucky canola oil forever and start using coconut oil for healthier cooking!

I miss soy sauce and these (tamari and coconut amino) should compensate it

Btw that CocoCardio was a free sample that came with my order. Looks like it’s some kind of natural drink powder.

What do you do to avoid catching a cold?
Aside from what I described above, I also make sure to get myself enough of rest, eat whole foods, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. 🙂

Do you use hand sanitizer?

Do you prefer plain yogurt or flavored?
Plain for me, no thanks for flavored. I could always flavor my yogurt with fresh fruits!

Have you ordered from iHerb before?
This was my first time and they carry pretty good stuff from herbs, groceries and hard to find items. Their price are decent though their nuts are still expensive IMHO. I’ve seen my local grocery store sell almonds much cheaper than them ($2.99/lbs for raw almonds anyone?). Shipping is free if you ordered more than $40. Also if you’re a first time customer, you can use Averie’s code AVE630 to save $5.00. I used that. (Thanks Averie!)


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